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Rethinking Student Discipline Policies

Rethinking Student Discipline Policies

  • In the News |
  • January 15, 2019

By Dr. Monica E. Goldson, interim chief executive of Prince George’s County Schools.

Creating an environment that includes structure, love and discipline is my guiding principle at home as a parent and in the classroom as an educator and administrator. Striking the right balance of discipline — one that is firm yet fair — is a challenge for educators and parents alike. This balance is crucial because these decisions affect the culture of our schools and the students within them.

Yet, educators too often view discipline as a means of keeping schools safe and not as an opportunity for intervention. This distinction is key as the Trump administration’s Commission on School Safety made a recent recommendation to revoke previous guidance from the Justice and Education departments that addressed some school discipline policies disproportionally affecting disabled and students of color. The data show that educators were deploying strict discipline in place of meaningful intervention, and that affects students well beyond their school years.

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