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    SAT and ACT Info

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    The SAT and SAT Subject Tests are a suite of tools designed to assess your academic readiness for college.
    Practice, Register and Scores:
    The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in English, Math, Reading and Science.
    The Difference between SAT and ACT:
    The ACT is an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned in school.  The SAT is more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities.
    The ACT has up to 5 components: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and an optional Writing Test.  
    The SAT has only 3 components: Critical Reasoning, Mathematics, and a required Writing Test.
    The College Board introduced a new version of the SAT in 2005, with a mandatory writing test.  ACT continues to offer its well-established test, plus an optional writing test. You take the ACT Writing Test only if required by the college(s) you're applying to.
    The SAT has a correction for guessing.  That is, they take off for wrong answers.  The ACT is scored based on the number of correct answers with no penalty for guessing.
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