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    The Physical Education program is an integral part of the total educational curriculum.  Physical activity, fitness and health are vital to the development of the body, mind and spirit. The aspect of the curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills to pursue healthful living and a desire for a lifelong active lifestyle.  The class setting will enhance the ability of students to function within an environment that requires and promotes the development of fitness.  The Physical Education program will provide active involvement, instructional and behavioral feedback and recognition of individual differences within the learning environment.  Qualities necessary for good sportsmanship and team work such as self-control and respect for others is a daily requirement. Students will be given the opportunity to learn in a safe, nurturing, supportive and relevant environment.

    PE Department Policies:

    Students registered for Physical Education classes are expected to observe all school policies. In addition, the following regulations and policies will be enforced throughout the school year.

    1. Uniform for Physical Education – cost $22.00
      1. P.E. students must wear the approved uniform, athletic shoes and white socks.
      2. Uniform may be purchased through the P.E. department. Shorts - $12.00 and Shirts - $10.00. Cash or money order only. NO CHECKS.
      3. Sweat pants and shirts may be worn under the P.E. uniform for cold weather, medical or religious reasons.
    2. Locks and Equipment
      1. The department will issue a combination lock to every student in P.E.
      2. Students will be responsible for reimbursement of a lost or stolen lock. Cost is $5.00.
    3. Important Policies
      1. Students must change into P.E. uniform to participate.
    4. Grading
      1. School policies will be followed in regard to tardiness, excessive absences and unexcused absences.  Class attendance, participation, preparation, oral/written tests and reading/writing initiatives are very important aspects of this course.

    Course Offerings:

    • Team Sports I, II, III, & IV 
    • Physical Training/Conditioning
    • Advanced Physical Training/Conditioning
    • Personal Fitness I & II   
    • Dance I, II, III
    • Modern Dance Theatre

    Please contact the Instructional or Department Chair at with any department related questions.