• Wednesday, February 20 - Code Yellow - Schools and offices are closed. EMERGENCY PERSONNEL only must report to work.

    Miércoles, el 20 de febrero - Código Amarillo – Todas las escuelas permanecen cerradas. Todas las oficinas permanecen cerradas. Solamente el PERSONAL DE EMERGENCIA debe reportarse al trabajo.

  • Academic Overview


    Academic Overview...

    Fairmont Heights is a highly regarded community school that recently celebrated its fifty-fifth anniversary. The school enjoys a rich history that has provided the educational foundation for alumni who serve the larger community in a broad spectrum of capacities, including public office, business, education, authorship, law, medicine, sports, film and more.  The school is cherished by a supportive alumni association, community and faculty, committed to providing students the academic foundation for college and career entry level competencies.

    The curriculum is a highly structured, comprehensive liberal arts program of study that is enhanced by a JROTC Program, an Academy of Finance, an IT High School Program (A+ & Cisco), and a Bio-Technology Magnet Program. Fairmont Heights is a community school for students enrolled in the Comprehensive Program; however, students who are admitted to the Biotechnology Magnet program are transported from throughout Prince George’s County to access this specialized program of study.

    Students are delivered tightly organized curricula in algebra, biology, Reading/English Language Arts, and government that are designed to prepare students for Maryland State High School Assessment testing (H.S.A.). All students are required to pass all four assessments. Students are administered quarterly unit assessments that measure growth and direct instructional focus.

    Students may access the Wellness Center, an on site medical facility, operated under the auspices of the County’s Health Department. Student visiting the Wellness Center may receive medical and counseling services upon request.

    At Fairmont Heights, students will interact with a highly qualified and diverse faculty, committed to the success of its students. Teachers spend long hours supporting students in a variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that include The Royal Chef Club, Literary Magazine, Modern Dance Troupe, Step Club,  and Yearbook. The school has a long history of a strong athletic program which includes track, football, basketball, golf, tennis, softball, swimming, and cheerleading.

    The administration maintains an “open door” policy for parents and students and welcomes parent volunteers to assist the school with a variety of activities. Parents interested in assisting teachers in the classroom setting are encouraged to make application via the Board of Education’s Website.

    While the school is a historical icon, we believe that it is at the brink of a new beginning. We promote the ideal that our school is an environment where the rights of others are to be respected and that education is a personal investment, yielding life-long rewards.

    Our hope for the future of the school is to be able to provide the students of Fairmont Heights a strong liberal arts program of study that includes a variety of elective offerings.  By doing so, students will have the foundation and competitive attributes to be successful in their post- high school college and career choices. In this way, Fairmont Heights graduates will continue their history of "Delivering on the Dream."