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    SCHOOL DAY  Hours:  7:45 a.m. – 1:55 p.m. – full day

    Students will be allowed to get in the breakfast line between 7:25 and 7:35

    Students who are walking, being dropped off, or eating breakfast may arrive to school at 7:25 a.m. Supervision of children cannot be provided until 7:25 a.m. We do not assume responsibility for children who are dropped off prior to 7:25 a.m. Please do not drop off your child early.

    Students are considered tardy to school after 7:45 am. Students must report to the office to receive a late admission slip before going to the classroom.

    Students are not permitted to pick up siblings or friends from classrooms.                    

    Meeting points must be arranged before school.  

    ATTENDANCEDaily attendance is a crucial part of your child’s instruction. School attendance between the ages of 5 and 16 is Maryland State Law. Willfully preventing a child from attending school is against the law and prevents a child from realizing his/her full Academic Potential.

    Children who need to be absent from school may be absent for the following reasons: Death of immediate family/other, illness of student, court summons, hazardous weather conditions, observance of a religious holiday, lack of authorized transportation, other emergency circumstances as determined by the school principal.

    EARLY DEPARTURESFrom time to time it is necessary for parents to pick up their children early for doctor, dental, or other appointments.

    Students should bring a note to give to their teacher when parents are requesting an early departure.

    Students will only be released to a parent or guardian. You must come in to the office to sign your child out of school with a photo ID.

    EARLY DEPARTURES MUST TAKE PLACE PRIOR TO 1:25 PM. This allows our office staff to prepare for dismissal of students.

    EMERGENCY DISMISSALS /DELAYED/ SCHOOL CLOSINGSCertain events such as dangerous road or walking conditions, excessive, heat, cold or other problems may make it advisable to modify the usual school opening or closing schedules.

    Whenever decisions are made to modify entire school system schedules, you can tune to any one of the following radio or TV stations, for information: WTTG-TV, WJLA-TV, WRC-TV, WUSA-TV, WRC, WPGC, WCMS as well as Channel 12 the PGCPS television station.

    This information is also posted online at the PGCPS.org.

    VISITORSAll persons visiting the building must first report to the office to obtain a visitor's pass. Visitors must bring a photo ID.

    If you have something to give to your child, leave it at the office. We will see that your child gets the item without interrupting the class.

    If you would like to a conference with your child’s teacher, your may call the office and leave a message or send a note by your child  

    TRANSPORTATION Students are assigned to buses by the county transportation department. The phone number for the County Transportation department is 301 952-6570. Information is also available on their website.

    FOOD SERVICESBreakfast is provided to each student at no cost. 

    The cost for lunch is $2.60 and $.40 reduced

    Lunch applications are submitted each fall. Once applications are completed and returned, you will receive an approval sheet confirming your child’s status.  Please do not assume your child will receive free or reduced lunch simply because the application has been turned in.  If your child was on free or reduced lunch last year, you still need to submit a new form.

    UNIFORM POLICYDodge Park has a mandatory uniform policy. Many studies have shown that schools where students wear uniforms have significantly fewer discipline problems and student referrals than in schools with no formal uniform policies in place. Students who are found to be in violation of the county dress code will be referred to the principal. Parents will be asked to bring a change of clothes or to pick up their student for the day.


    Light Blue or Dark Blue Polo Shirt 

    Navy Blue pants, shorts or skort   

    White or Navy blue socks or tights

    Black or Brown belt


    Light Blue or Dark Blue Polo Shirt 

    Navy Blue pants or shorts 

    White or Navy blue socks

    Black or Brown Belt

    ALL Students:

    Navy blue sweater 

     Students will be notified when "Summer Uniforms" (navy blue shorts or skorts) are permitted

     Fully closed shoes (sandals and flip flops are not permitted)


    Information on the required documents and process of registering new students is available here.





    Information on using the SchoolMax Family Portal can be found here.