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    Financial Obligations/ID's


    All financial obligations should be clear for the beginning of the school year. Please be advised that students who did not settle financial obligations, did not receive report cards and were sent a financial letter instead. They will not be promoted and will not have a schedule at the beginning of the school year. Financial obligations include money owed for textbooks, library books, IDs, uniforms, etc. Financial obligations are to be addressed to Ms Yarbrough, the Accounting Secretary. You may contact her at 301-636-8000 ext. 267. Thank you for your cooperation in clearing student financial obligations. We look forward to seeing your son/daughter this school year.
    Each student is issued a permanent ID at the beginning of the school year. Students without the proper ID may get temporary ID's from the ID center. Students may get up to 3 temporary ID's, 1 replacement chain, and 1 replacement case per Grading Quarter (additional chain/case infractions will count as an ID Offense). The penalty for the 4th ID infraction will be Disciplinary Action, including "SUSPENSION."
    The Cost of ID items:
    Cases $2.00

    Student Parking

    Absolutely NO STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED TO DRIVE OR PARK on school property without a valid CHFHS Student Parking Permit. Student Parking Permits are available, on a limited basis, for a fee of $20/school year. Students who are chronically tardy to school are subject to revocation of their parking privileges. For more information, contact the school's Security Office at(301) 636-8000, ext. 231.

    High School Assessment (HSA) 

    Congratulations to those students who passed the HSA you are one step closer to graduation! 

    For those students who did not pass all the exams, we are offering an extended learning program that will strengthen the skills needed to pass the HSA.  Please understand that it is extremely important for those students who did not pass the HSA to take full advantage of this opportunity.  Below are a few documents for students and parents interested in this program.

    We are currently offering AVP and/or CEP courses to assist those SENIORS who have not passed the HSA.  If the student is not enrolled in an AVP or CEP course, the parent should contact their assigned Professional School Counselor.


    For more HSA information refer to the below HSA Exam link or email the schools HSA Testing Coordinator Ivora Washington.

    High School Assessment 
    HSA Exam Information

    SAT Preparation

  • The SAT Readiness Program provides the materials to help prepare all students for the SAT. Along with the free resources sent to all district offices and made available at , we have three major resources for the SAT Readiness Program.
    (1) The Official SAT Online Course-School Edition
    (2) The Official SAT Study Guide
    (3) The Official SAT Teachers Guide.

    (1) The Official SAT Online Course is a web-based service available 24 hours a day. It has 18 interactive lessons that cover the new SAT math, critical reading,& writing sections. It has 3 practice tests& 600+ questions that all follow proprietary new SAT specifications. Students get detailed personalized feedback on all practice tests and quizzes. Also, they get explanations of answers to all questions on the online course & to all 8 practice tests in the SAT Study Guide. Teachers get student, class and school-level reports to follow their students' progress. If, the school chooses,there is also the auto essay scoring option which scores student essays by computer. Finally, there is the scanner option, which lets teachers scan in practice tests & generate immediate score reports.

    (2) The Official SAT Study Guide is the only book of new SAT practice tests created by the test maker.It has 900 pages & 21 chapters which,includes,a review of test-taking concepts & approaches.It has 8 practice tests & focused sets of practice questions. A chapter on the new SAT essay gives helpful practice essay questions,exercises,sample essays & the scoring guide.Students get free score & skills reports & sample essays for the book's 8 practice tests on .The book is $19.95 and there is a 20% discount for 5 or more copies. 
    (3)The Official SAT Teachers Guide helps teachers create a comprehensive preparation course or simply highlight in the classroom the college skills measured on the SAT.It features:19 clearly organized & focused lessons,dozens of engaging student activities,handouts,complete coverage of the new SAT math,critical reading,& writing sections,and a full lesson on the new SAT essay.The book is $49.95 and there is a 20% discount for 5 or more copies.
    You can learn more about the SRP by visiting