The PSAT will be administered on October 10, 2018. Please click on the link to view the presentation that will help you and your child understand what's on the PSAT/NMQT and benefits of taking the test. 

     Test Taking Tips:
    The Night Before...

    *Eat dinner.
    *Set your alarm clock.
    *Get your materials/things ready for the morning.
        -Three number two pencils with erasers.
    *Lay out the clothes you are going to wear to school.
    *Go to bed early.

    Day of the Test...

    *Get up when the alarm clock goes off.
    *Eat your breakfast.
    *Get to school on time.

    During the Test...

    *Relax, breathe.
    *Have a positive attitude that you are going to do your best.
    *Listen closely to the instructions.
    *Read the directions carefully.
    *If you do not understand or need clarification, ask questions.
    *Answer the easiest questions first.
    *If you can, go back and review your answers.