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    Carmody Hills is a MANDATORY Uniform School


    U.S. Deaprtment of Education manual on School Uniforms 


    Jumper                               pants                          skirt


    Parents, please remember that students need to be in the proper uniform daily. White cotton shirts/blouses tucked into their navy blue skirt/jumper, or navy blue pants. They can also wear a navy blue sweater, sweatshirt, or hooded sweatshirt with NO WRITING on its front. Students MUST wear solid colored black, navy blue or white rubber soled shoes. If the students wear boots, they MUST be a solid black, navy blue or white rubber soled boot. GIRLS are allowed to wear boots with pants only. If they wear boots during the colder months with skirts or jumpers, please send solid black, navy blue or white rubber soled shoes for them to change into before going to class. BOYS need to wear pants that fit or wear a belt and their pants should not hang below their waist line.

                                             blouse                       shirt


    Please be cautious of the size of ear rings your students wear in school; they should be no larger than a quarter; this can cause serious injury to your child.