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  • Guidance Counselor Corner


    Our school counselor performs the following tasks and roles in order to promote positive academic, college & career, and social/emotional development: 
    • Individual counseling 
    • Small group counseling 
    • Classroom guidance (large group guidance)
    • Chair and participate in academic intervention meetings (School Instructional Team-SIT)
    • Facilitate 504 meetings and monitor their implementation and progress (504 Coordinator)
    • Respond to school/student crises 
    • Disseminate resources to students and parents on a variety of issues
    • Consult/collaborate with students, parents, and staff
    • Honor roll/perfect attendance assemblies 
    • Special programming (ie. Grandparents day, career day, red ribbon week, etc.)
    • Student Government Association sponsor

    School Counseling Department Mission & Beliefs: 

    Carmody Hills Elementary School, School Counseling Department seeks to provide a counseling program that focuses on academic achievement, socio-emotional growth, and college and career readiness in order for all students to achieve success and reach their fullest potential regardless of disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, or socio-economic status. 

    At Carmdoy Hills our Counseling Dept. believes:
    • All children are valuable and deserve respect
    • All students should have equal access to counseling and guidance services 
    • All children learn best when they feel good about themselves
    • All children learn best when they feel safe and welcome in the school environment
    • The school counselor is an ally, resource, and advocate for all students, parents, and the community for which they service
    • Positive relationships between students and adults is the key to student success

    Additional Student Services: 

    Individual counseling: 

    Individual counseling with students is based upon teacher, parent, or student self-referrals. Students my self-refer by filling out a counseling referral form which can be obtained through their teacher and/or the main office. Upon receiving the referral, the school counselor has up to 2 school days to make contact with the student being referred. 

    Group Counseling: 

    Groups are made up of no more than 6 children working on a similar area of growth or exploration. Children are chosen to participate in a group based on the topic. Students may sign up for a particular group, parents and teachers may refer based on a common theme, or students can be chosen by the school counselor. Yopics include but are not limited to the following: 
    • Divorce
    • Changing families
    • Study skills
    • New students
    • Social skills
    • Friendship
    • Anger management
    Typically, groups will meet once a week for 6-8 weeks. Parents will be informed if their student is selected to participate in a counseling group via parent letter and/or phone call. 

    Classroom Guidance: 

    Classroom guidance is an integral part of the school counseling departments program at Carmody Hills. The school counselor conducts monthly classroom visits on a variety of topics such as: bullying, friendship making, personal body safety, conflict resolution and more. 

    Personalized Education Plan: 

    All first and fourth grade students will have a private conference with the school counselor at some point throughout the school year to see what their academic and career goals are for the future. This information can be shared with parents at the parents request. 


    Carmody Hills Professional School Counselor: Heather Urban