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  • Attendance Policy


    All students are expected to attend school regularly in accordance with Maryland state laws and regulations.


    • Students may enter the building as early as 7:25 am  (Parents be advised there is no adult supervision at the school prior to this time)
    • Complimentary breakfast begins at 7:25am
    • School begins promptly at 7:45am
    • Your Scholar is late AFTER 7:45am


    Lawful Absences Include: (According to Comar)


    • Death in immediate family
    • Illness of the child
    • Court Summoins
    • Hazardous weather conditions
    • Observance of a religious holiday
    • State Emergency
    • Lack of authorized transportation
    • Suspension
    • Other emergency/set of circumstances approved by Superintendent of designee
    • Work approved or sponsored by the school, PGCPS/MSDE accepted by the Superintendent or designee


    Procedure for Reporting Absences:


    • Parents or guardians must notify the school of child’s absence
    • Student is required to also bring a written note from a parent or guardian stating the reason for the absence for school records.
    • If the school is unable to contact the parent or guardian by telephone after three days - a truancy inquiry, a certified letter, home visit or other approved method may be used by the school administration to verify student attendance.