• Welcome Back to the 2017 - 2018 School Year


  •  Yorktown Elementary School Supply List 2017-2018 

  •  Kindergarten   

     It is not necessary to label supplies with child’s name, but please place all supplies in large or jumbo size Ziploc bags and label bags with student’s name.  

     1 Standard size backpack (no wheels) 1 school supply box  

     1 pkg. #2 pencils 12 jumbo glue sticks  

     4 pkgs. 24 CRAYOLA crayons (NO fluorescent, glitter, scented)  

     2 pairs of Fiskar scissors 2 plastic folders with pockets  

     3 marble composition books 1 box of tissues  

     2 pink erasers 1 roll of paper towels  

    Other classroom donations (not mandatory):dry erase markers (any color), disinfectant wipes, liquid hand soap, hand sanitizer, gallon & quart zip lock bags, scotch tape, masking tape, washable markers (assorted colors 8, 10, or 12 count) 

  •  First Grade 

     ** Do not send in pencil boxes/bags. They will not be used this year. 

     **Please do not label any supplies before sending in unless otherwise noted.

     24 sharpened pencils (Plain orange/yellow pencils only please!)  

     6 LARGE glue sticks 

     1 pack black Expo dry erase markers (fine point preferred) 

     4 black and white composition books (primary lines if you can find them) 

     7 pocket folders (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, 1 yellow)

     1 pair of kids’ scissors - label with child's name

     1 bag Ziploc baggies (girls:  gallon size, boys: sandwich size) 

     2 boxes tissues 

     3 boxes 24 count crayons 

     Headphones-over-ear headphones (no earbuds)-can be purchased at Dollar Tree 

     1 pump bottle liquid hand soap 

     1 pump bottle hand sanitizer 

     1 box colored pencils 

     Optional but Suggested: 

     Washable markers 

     Classroom Items Needed: 

     Baby Wipes; paper towels; Clorox/Lysol wipes; Lysol Disinfectant; white card stock paper; Post-It notes 


     Second Grade - Please label all supplies with first and last name before sending in. 

     2 inch 3 ring binder 

     5 clear heavy-duty plastic sheet protectors 

     3 folders w/ 2 pockets & 3 holes -  black, blue & red 

     4 composition books (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 black) 

     2 boxes of crayons (24 ct) 

     3 packages of #2 yellow pencils sharpened 

     1 yellow highlighter 

     1 red pen 

     1 pair of scissors 

     6 large glue sticks 

     1 pencil pouch 

      $8.00 for Scholastic News & Science Spin 

     Community Items (no label necessary): 2 boxes tissues; 1 bottle hand sanitizer; 1 bottle liquid hand soap; 1 box gallon OR sandwich size Ziploc bags; 1 container Lysol or Clorox wipes 

     Third Grade 

     Backpack (no rolling backpacks) 

     1 3-ring 2 inch binder (must be 2 inches) 

     1 zippered pencil case with holes for binder (no school boxes) 

     4 pkgs. of sharpened #2 pencils with erasers (NO pencil sharpeners / NO mechanical pencils) 

     1 red 2 pocket folder  

     1 yellow 2 pocket folder  

     1 blue 2 pocket folder  

     6 composition books  

     2 one subject spiral noteboosk 

     3 large boxes of tissues   

     bottle of hand sanitizer 

     2 rolls of paper towels 

     1 package Wet Ones hand wipes 

     1 package of Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes  

     1 box of quart size Ziploc bags (BOYS ONLY) 

     1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags (GIRLS ONLY) 

     2 boxes of 24 crayons (no colored pencils or markers) 

     2 pairs of scissors 

     LARGE glue sticks (the large ones last longer) 

     1 pkg. eraser tops

    1 pack wide ruled notebook paper
    1 pair of headphones or ear buds

     Fourth and Fifth Grades 

     1 Backpack 

     3-ring, 3 inch binder - No Trapper Keepers or Zippered Binders (Must be 3 in.) 

     1 zippered pencil holder with holes for your binder - No school boxes 

     1 package wide ruled loose-leaf paper  

     4 packages #2 pencils – NO MECHANICAL PENCILS  

     4 packages pencil top erasers 

     5 pocket folders with holes for the binder  - Must have holes already punched

     3 spiral notebooks – 100/150 sheets per notebook (5th Grade) 

     2 spiral notebooks - 100/150 sheets per notebook (4th Grade) 

     1 package highlighters  

     1 marble composition book - FOURTH GRADE ONLY 

     2 boxes of tissues 

      1 container of Clorox wipes  

     1 bottle of hand sanitizer - 4th grade girls only

     1 box gallon Ziploc bags - 4th grade boys only 

     1 box sandwich Ziploc bags - 5th grade boys only  1 bottle liquid hand soap - 5th grade girls only

     1 package 12 colored pencils 

     1 glue stick 

     1 package dry erase markers 

     $10.00 for vocabulary books 

     inexpensive ear buds for PARCC testing and tablet use - these will be left at school 

     OPTIONAL: Wireless mouse for Chrome Books 

     *We appreciate donations of rolls of paper towels