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    Counselor's Corner

    Jennifer Lally is the School Counselor at Yorktown. 

    Feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns at any time. (301-805-6610) 



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    Mrs. Lally meets with all Yorktown students in many ways:

    Developmental Guidance Class Lessons - Mrs. Lally teaches lessons in the classrooms to the entire class.Topics may include: Decision Making, Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Respecting Differences, Being a Friend, Getting Ready for Middle School, etc.

    Small Groups - Groups include Family Clubs for children experiencing separation & divorce, Grief Groups for children experiencing loss, Social Skills Clubs, Organization Clubs, Positive Problem Solving Skills Groups and New Student Groups.

    Individuals - Students may be referred by parents/guardians, teachers or staff, or students may refer themselves.

    ILP (Individual Learning Plan)- Mrs. Lally meets with individual students and a parent/guardian. Together, we discuss long-term educational goals and how the student can achieve success with their goals.  Reading level books are shared.

    Lunch Bunches - Mrs. Lally eats lunch in the Counselor's Room with every student at least once during the school year. Students may write a letter to request a Lunch Bunch, or students may be invited by a friend. Students bring their lunch to the Lunch Bunch.

    Below are some of the school wide programs for students at Yorktown that 

    Mrs. Lally is involved in sponsoring:

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    Student Council 

    Character Ed. 


    Kids & Stress 


    Tutoring Info. 

    Peer Mediators 

     Books & Resources 

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