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The terms and conditions ("rules for forum") located within this agreement shall guide you while using the www.pgcps.org website and all included web services provided by the Prince George’s County Public Schools (“we”, “PGCPS”, “our” “us”). By using the www.pgcps.org website you acknowledge and are bound to the terms of usage. By using the website, online forums, blogs, comment forms, polls, surveys and subscription services, et al., you agree and are bound to the Acceptable Usage Policy. You may print this agreement as well as the Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) for future reference. You may also print the Prince George’s County Public Schools Privacy Policy.


The services listed within this user agreement are considered “as is” services, there is no guarantee that services will not be interrupted or that they will be free of error. We welcome you to visit and use our web services such as forums; blogs comment forms, polls, surveys, subscription services and the website. We value your opinion on these forums and posting areas; however we do ask that you help us maintain an environment that is child-friendly, safe, and secure for other members and students.

For example, do not post personal of confidential information about yourself, other staff members or students; these could include EIN, Social Security Numbers, personal phone numbers or addresses.

All blogs, forums, web pages, content, images, etc., belong to Prince George’s County Public Schools System and must adhere to all policies of the school system. Once content has been submitted it becomes the property of Prince George’s County Public Schools. We reserve the right to select which content is posted and/or modify and delete such content.

PGCPS Membership

We encourage you to become a site member of www.pgcps.org to use services such as: blogs, forums, comment forms and subscription services. If and when you decided to become a member of www.pgcps.org you agree to (1) provide information about yourself that is accurate, current, complete and without omission (2) update and maintain the information provided to ensure that it is kept accurate (3) comply with the Acceptable Usage Policy. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion to terminate or suspend membership if the provided information is untrue, inaccurate or not current.

The membership process requires you to select a username and password. You are strictly prohibited from choosing a username that is vulgar, offensive or impersonates another person. PGCPS reserves the right to deny any username at our sole discretion. By using this service you also agree that you will not transfer or sell your username and password for this membership. If you believe that your username and password have been compromised or is otherwise unsecure please email support@pgcps.org and notify us immediately. As a member you are solely responsible for maintaining the integrity of your password and user name for all activities within www.pgcps.org.

Online Features

Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) reserves the right to discontinue or modify online features made available on www.pgcps.org without notice. Your continued usage of this website and the web services provided after changes have been made will serve as your acceptance of these changes. All statements, advice, and opinions are those of the members ONLY and are not endorsed or supported by Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Please be reminded that any information posted on community forums and blogs will be accessible to other members participating within these forums and blogs, which includes people that you do not know. If you decide to make any of this information available you are doing so at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any loss or damage that occurs from your reliance on information posted on the forums, blogs or through content on the websites designated for community members.

PGCPS Website Conduct

As a member of the services provided by PGCPS you are prohibited from posting the following content or material through the website that:

  • violates/infringes upon the rights of others
  • solicits or encourages the use of illegal substances or activities
  • expresses or implies that any statements are endorsed by us without prior written consent
  • encourages a rise to civil or criminal liability or encourages conduct that violates any local, state and federal law

As a member of the services provided by PGCPS you are prohibited from:

  • engaging in activity such as hacking, spoofing or denial of service attacks that restricts or prohibits any other user from accessing or using the website
  • using the website or services herein to defame, threaten, stalk or verbally abuse the legal rights of others
  • copying any part of our website without our prior consent

As a member of the services provided by PGCPS you are also prohibited from:

  • using pgcps.org for your personal website
  • using our services as a personal social networking outlet

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