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    Welcome Letter   from Ms. Marrow





    Student Counseling Services

    Ms. Cheryl Marrow, Professional School Counselor

    Ms. Sonia Watts, Guidance Secretary

    Dr. Anthony Bryant, Peer Mediator

    Mrs. Shira Moser, Psychologist 



    Department of Counseling Information


    The Department of Guidance and Counseling Services is a vital link to educational excellence. Contact us at Phone: 301-808-4004. Fax: 301-808-4049

    Special Note to Parents: Please schedule Team conferences directly with the Professional School Counselor. Individual conferences are to made with teachers. The Counseling team will be glad to make information available, such as how to obtain work permits and community service credits, how to change addresses, phone numbers, etc., how to withdraw from school, how to prepare for the SAT's and high school requirements, and much more.

    The Counseling program goals include:

    • to help with the personal, academic, and social growth of all students.  

    • to develop educational and career decision-making skills of all students.  

    • to promote the development of interpersonal skills of all students.  

    • to provide services to parents and the school community which will assist in the growth and learning of all students.  


    The Professional Counselor:

    • talks with students individually and in groups.  

    • works with teachers, administrators, and other school personnel to enhance the academic and personal growth of all students.  

    • meets with parents/guardians to form a partnership to increase student success.  

    • coordinates guidance activities.  

    • assists parents and students in the use of community resources and agencies.