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University Park Elementary School

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October 19, 2016

Message from Ms. Davis

I would like to thank Ms. Rowland and the Social Studies Committee which consisted of Ms. Rolon, Ms. Blake, Ms. Nell, Ms. Dennis, Mr. Favero, Ms. Morris, Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Taylor, and Ms. Tyler for organizing Hispanic Heritage activities.  Hispanic Heritage Night attendees enjoyed a variety of foods from a number of cultures.  The atmosphere was inviting and festive as families mixed and mingled with old and new friends.   Thank you to everyone who came out on a Friday night to celebrate with the community.    I would also like to thank Anne Holtz Schmick and her committee for organizing what will be a fantastic Fall Fest for students in Pre-K-1 tomorrow, October 20, 2016. If you have a child in grades Pre-K-1, please join us as the fun will begin at 8:00 a.m.  The next Eagle Newsletter will be coming home November 2, 2016.  If you need anything between now and then, please contact me at or 301-985-1898.

Bus Safety

We are asking parent to reinforce the importance of student safety as we want all of our students to arrive to school safely and to return home safely.  To further this point, I have extracted a few points from the article “Safety On the Way To School” as a reference for parents as they continue discussions around bus safety.  “School safety begins before children arrive at school, and it doesn’t end until they arrive safely back home. To avoid these potential dangers, you should teach your child to make safe habits a priority by teaching them to take the following simple yet potentially life-saving precautions:

  • Walk to and from the bus stop with a friend or family member.

  • Get to the bus stop five minutes early, so you don’t have to hurry.

  • Never move toward the bus until it has come to a complete stop, the door has opened, and its safety lights are flashing.

  • Never cross a street without checking both ways for traffic, looking left, then right, then left again.

  • Always stay within the bus driver’s view.

  • Walk in front of the bus only.

  • If you drop something near the bus, tell the driver. Don’t try to pick it up until the driver knows you’ve dropped something.

  • Never move around on the bus. Take a seat and stay there. If the bus has seat belts, always wear one.

  • Obey the driver, and speak quietly so the driver can concentrate.

  • Never stick anything out of a bus window.”

Parents may access the the full article by clicking on the link below.

Dentist ( date change)

Smile Maryland Dentists will  now come to University Park  ES Tuesday, November 15, 2016 to provide services to our students.  Please complete and return the the permission slip  that was sent home with the last newsletter if you’d like for your child(ren) to receive dental services.

Halloween Schedule & Reminders

  • The Parade will begin at 12 noon


  • 12:30 -K, 1, 3, and 5  

  • 1:00 –  Pre-K, 2, 4, and 6

Sing-a-long in the Gym

  • 12:30 – Pre-K, 2, 4, and 6

  • 1:00 - K, 1, 3, and 5  

If your family does not celebrate Halloween and you would like for your child to participate in the alternate activity being offered, please complete and return the form that was sent home about the Halloween Parade/Alternate Activity. You may also call Ms. Sanders at 301-985-1898 with any questions.

Instrumental Music

Curious of when your child has their Instrumental Music lesson? Go to for program and schedule updates! You will find all the information you need to help your child stay on track for Instrumental Music with Mr. Ambrose.

2016-2017 Science/Stem Fair

The 2016-2017 Science/Stem Fair timeline will begin on November 14, 2016.  The Science/STEM Fair judging will be held on February 8, 2017.  The Science/STEM Fair project is an inquiry based long- term project. Prince George’s County Public Schools requires all 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to complete a Science/STEM Fair project.  The project is optional for Third Graders. The timeline allows the students to manage this long-term project by having every component of the project due, reviewed by the teacher with feedback, and returned to the student. Science/STEM Fair booklets are given to each student. Projects are displayed on a backboard or digitally presented.  White and colored backboards are sold at school by pre-ordering and prepaying for them.  Every effort was made this year to coordinate the Science/STEM Fair timeline due dates with the Write A Book timeline due dates so any student who wants to do both projects has the opportunity to do so without too much conflict.  Both projects are however occurring at the same time because of the Prince George’s County Public School deadlines.  Hint:  If a student wants to do a plant project, you must start VERY early and plant MANY plants.  The projected timeline is below.

2016-2017 Dr. James F. Luhr STEM Fair




Discussion of testable questions and variables


Planning booklets with questions going home


Testable question and variables due to teacher


Question and variables approved and returned. Research begins


Research with three sources due to teacher

Prediction/Hypothesis due to teacher


Research returned to students. Research Report Assigned

Prediction/Hypothesis approved and returned to students


Materials list and procedures assigned


Materials list and procedures due to teacher


Materials list and procedures returned to students.


Research Report Due




Project Testing done at home.  Collect data on a data chart. 15 trials minimum


Data charts, graphs completed at home or finished in class


Data charts, graphs due to teacher or finished in class


Results and conclusion due to teacher


Results and conclusion returned to student

1-23 to  


Backboards completed at home.


Science Fair Completed Projects due to teacher/Presentations practiced in class.


Intermediate STEM Fair & Judging

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please make sure that you have signed up for a parent teacher conference.  School will be closed November 11, 2016 to provide teachers and parents the opportunity to meet and discuss student progress.  If you are unable to attend a conference November 11th, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule another date and time.  Teachers are also available for phone conferences with parents.  It is extremely  important that parent and teachers meet to discuss student progress.   


Write-A-Book is a countywide writing competition for all grades. Students can participate in many ways. They can write a short story, non-fiction report, poem, or picture book. Each category was specified in the rules that went home with interested children.

Students may work as a team, if they choose. Additionally, Write-A-Book is voluntary. While we hope that all students will participate, it is not required. Mr. Clark will be introducing the project over the next few weeks during library media. There are several important dates you should put on your calendar:  Students do not need to submit drafts if they do not want to, but they will not receive guidance and feedback unless they submit a draft by the deadline. Please understand this project is primarily done at home. If you are interested in Write-A-Book, please see Mr. Clark for specific guidelines.




Interest slip is due-See Mr. Clark.


Drafts of stories (and illustrations) are due.

Week of 11/15 and 11/21

Drafts are returned to participants.

Week of 12/6

Final Drafts are due and must comply with ALL Write-A-Book rules at this time.

12/6 to 12/15

UPES Write-A-Book Judging-ALL ENTRIES MUST COMPLY with Write-A-Book Rules

Week of 1/3

Write-A-Book submissions will be bound. This will take place both during the day.


Judging is conducted.


Submissions are returned to UPES

5/10, 7-9PM

PGCPS Annual Write-A-Book Award Ceremony

PTA Corner

Fall is upon us.  The PTA has been busy as the bustling leaves and full of the energy of the crisp air around us.  We are loving the teamwork and enthusiasm of so many parents and grandparents.  There are committees working on fundraising, communications and outreach, welcoming newcomers to our community, our gorgeous school grounds and more.

The PTA passed our budget for this year and have stretch goals for fundraising -- both to fund new activities like an Intervention Specialist and to build up a reserve.  

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Silver Diner October 13th. We had a great turnout!

There are faces both new and familiar and it feels great.  There are many opportunities to get involved both big and small.  Join us at our next PTA meeting November 9th AFTER SCHOOL 2:15-3:45 to accommodate our wonderful teachers!   Questions or want to get involved? Email:

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 20-Fall Fest grades Pre-K-1

Tuesday, October 25th -Nutrition Workshop / Prevention of Obesity for parents, 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Thursday, October 27-Halloween Parade and Parties from 12:00-1:30 p.m.

Friday, October 28-11:55 a.m. early dismissal for students

Monday, October 31-Teacher Planning Day, No school for students

Wednesday, November 9, PTA Meeting-2:15 p.m., Parent Computer  Workshop-2:15 p.m. (Computer Lab)

Friday, November 11-Parent Teacher Conferences, School closed for students
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