Newsletter Wednesday September 7 2016

University Park Elementary School

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September 7, 2016

Message from Ms. Davis

This week promises to be a productive 4 day week!  Classroom teachers in all subject areas are now teaching and assessing the curriculum standards.   Our first PTA Meeting of the year is tonight at 6:00pm in the Media Center.  We encourage you to attend if you are able.  We also have a few more thank yous for our wonderful parent volunteers.  Thank you to Lis Maring, Amanda Helin, and Valerie Mosley for coordinating the Service Day with the University of Maryland students.  We would also like to thank Nadia Guzman for her help in the front office.  Ms. Guzman has volunteered in our office every day since the beginning of school.  She has answered phones, translated documents, helped parents complete forms, and a host of other tasks.  We are truly grateful for our parents and their unwavering support.  The next Eagle Newsletter  will be coming home on Wednesday, September 21st.  If you have any questions between now and then, please contact me at or 301-985-1898.

Cheryl Axenfeld

Cheryl Axenfeld, Director of Before and After Care will be on medical leave for the next six weeks.  Feel free to send her well wishes during her recovery.  Thank you to the parents who have organized meals for Cheryl and her family.  She is most appreciative!

Counselor’s Corner

My name is Marlene Bennett and  I am the Professional School Counselor at University Park Elementary School. My job is to help all students succeed both academically and interpersonally; however,  parents are always their child's most influential teacher. Please reinforce and add to what your child learns each day. This will help your child focus their attention on their education. I look forward to an exciting year working with students, teachers, and families. I hope you will feel free to call if I may be of any assistance to you or your child.


Anu Abraham,school  nurse has tendered her resignation with September 16, 2016 being her last day at UPES.  She has accepted a position with the University of Maryland College Park’s Health Services.  Please join me in wishing her well as she has provided great service to our students and staff for the last 5 years.

School Visitors (Administrative Procedure 0500)

A. Sign-In Process – Photo I.D. Required

1. In an effort to increase the safety of our schools for students and staff, PGCPS currently utilizes the Raptor Visitor Management System. Raptor enables schools to issue visitor badges with names, pictures and reasons for the visit printed on them; to monitor volunteer hours; and instantly check all visitors against registered sexual offender databases. Additional visitor data will not be gathered and no data will be shared with any agency outside of PGCPS.

2. Upon arrival at the school and unless one of the exceptions below applies, each visitor is required to provide a copy of their government-issued identification that includes the visitor’s name, date of birth and photo to the school office to be scanned into the Raptor system. On subsequent visits, the visitor’s name may be located through a quick find screen.

3. If a visitor does not have acceptable photo identification available, the school principal or designee may be able to manually enter the information into the Raptor system.

4. PGCPS employees or substitutes who do not have an employee badge visible must have their identification scanned and wear the Raptor badge while at the school.

5. Each visitor to a school site during the school day is required to have their photo identification scanned into the Raptor system prior to initiating any school-related business, and to sign out at the conclusion of any designated school-related business.

Volunteers (Administrative Procedures 4215)


1. All volunteers – such as mentors , interns, tutors and chaperones - must undergo a fingerprint background check and child protective service clearance at least 14 days in advance of the day field trip, overnight trip or activity on or off school property.

2. A fingerprint background check must be initiated through the PGCPS Fingerprinting Office before performing duties and the child protective services clearance must be initiated through Human Resources.

3. Any parent/guardian who needs assistance covering the cost of a fingerprint background check, and whose child(ren) qualify for free and reduced priced meals, may request waiver of the background check fee by providing a copy of their eligibility letter from the PGCPS Department of Food and Nutrition Services.


a. Volunteers do not have to complete a fingerprint background check if they are escorted and under the supervision of a PGCPS at all times while on campus for a one-time event, such as parents/guardians volunteering for career day, book fairs, school dances, etc.

b. Those who are exempted from completing the fingerprint background check above, however, must still undergo a commercial background check and provide a copy of their government issued identification to be scanned into the Raptor Visitor Management System, as required by Administrative Procedure 0500, when visiting school property.


A. Any individual convicted of or currently charged with the following crimes are ineligible for employment with PGCPS or to serve as a volunteer:

1) A crime involving third or fourth degree sexual offense under § 3-307 or § 3-308 of the Criminal Law Article or an offense under the laws of another state that would constitute a violation of § 3-307 or § 3-308 of the Criminal Law Article if committed in Maryland;

2) A crime involving child sexual abuse under § 3-602 of the Criminal Law Article, or an offense under the laws of another state that would constitute child sexual abuse under § 3-602 of the Criminal Law Article if committed in Maryland;

3) A crime involving a crime of violence as defined in § 14-101 of the Criminal Law Article, or an offense under the laws of another state that would be a violation of § 14-101 of the Criminal Law Article if committed in Maryland; or

4) Identification as an alleged abuser or neglector following completion of a Child Protective Services investigation with a finding of "indicated" or "unsubstantiated" child abuse or neglect.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 21-Family Gym Night, 6:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 22-TAG Committee Meeting, 2:15-3:15 p.m.

Friday, October 21-MSEA Convention, No school for students and teachers
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