Newsletter Wednesday November 5 2014

University Park Elementary School


November 5, 2014

Message from Ms. Davis

Family Gym Night was an awesome event!!   If you were unable to make it to Family Gym Night, please plan to come next year as a great time was had by all.  A huge thank you to Ms. Neff and Mr. Caylor for organizing such a lovely event!  Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Tuesday, November 11, 2014 for all students.  Please contact your child’s teacher to sign up for a parent conference if you have not already done so prior to this publication.  Parents we need your help to improve the home school connection.  We are asking that parents use the following process when concerns or issues arise.  Please contact your child’s teacher as the first point of contact and then me if the matter isn’t resolved.  We take all parental concerns seriously and we do our best to resolve them in a timely manner.  I thank you for your continued cooperation and support!   The next Eagle Newsletter will be coming home November 19, 2014 but I am only a phone call or email away if needed. 


A Huge Thank You

Thank you to Kathy Zentek and Diana Gough for organizing the Jason's Deli night.



We need your help in order to maintain accurate attendance records for our students. PGCPS policy requires parents or guardians to notify the school when your child is absent from school.  Additionally, the county has identified those absences that are considered “lawful” or excused from school.   


Lawful Absences

 Absence from school, including absence for any portion of the day, of students who are presently enrolled in public schools shall be considered lawful only under the following conditions:

A. Death in the immediate family. Immediate family means a parent or guardian, brother, sister, grandparent, or anyone who has lived regularly in the household of the student.

B. Illness of the child. The principal shall require a physician’s certificate from the parent or guardian of a child reported continuously absent for illness. A continuous absence is an absence of three or more continuous days.

C. Court summons.

D. Hazardous weather conditions. Hazardous weather conditions shall be interpreted to mean weather conditions that would endanger health or safety of the student when in transit to and from school.

E. Work approved or sponsored by the school, the Prince George’s County school system, or the State of Department of Education, accepted by the Superintendent of Schools or the school principal, any persons duly authorized by the superintendent or principal, as reasons for excusing the student.

F. Observance of a religious holiday.

G. State emergency.

H. Suspension.

I. Lack of authorized transportation. This shall not include students denied authorized transportation for disciplinary reasons.

J. Other emergency or set of circumstances which, in the judgment of the superintendent or designee, constitutes a good and sufficient cause for absence from school.


Unlawful Absences

Unlawful absence and/or truancy is defined as the act of a student being absent from school for a day or any portion of a day or from an individual class or any portion of a class for any reason other than those defined as a lawful excuse for absence from school. This definition applies to students over 16 years of age as well as students under 16 years of age.


You can still order your child’s photos, while helping with our fundraising efforts!!

 If you did not order on Picture Day you can order directly from once you receive the Proof Sheet from the school (15 business days from picture day).  You can also call the Customer Service Department to inquire about your order.


Musically Yours

The University Park Music Department (band, orchestra, and choir members included) will hold its Winter Concert on December 9th at 7:00pm. Location TBD.


When the words "UPES Musical" are stated, I'm sure many questions come to mind. How will the audition process work? What will stay the same and what will be different from last year? How often do the students have to rehearse? Why did we choose to do Seussical Jr.? The answer to all of these questions will be discussed at an informational meeting for parents (students are also welcome to attend!) on Thursday, November 13 in the Media Center. Parents may come either at 8:00am or 6:00 pm, whichever time is more convenient. Miss Ferguson will answer any and all questions concerning Seussical Jr. in preparation for auditions on November 17th and 18th, with call-backs taking place on November 19th



Musical Informational Meeting: November 13 at either 8:00am or 6:00pm

Musical Auditions: November 17th and 18th from 2:00pm - 4:00pm 

Musical Call-Backs: November 19th from 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Winter Concert: December 9th at 7:00pm



EGATE Update

Our TAG Committee and staff are eager to announce our plans to apply for the MSDE Excellence in Gifted and Talented Certification (EGATE) in November 2015. During this year long process, we will be collecting artifacts and documentation that our TAG program is aligned with the Maryland Criteria for Excellence: Gifted and Talented Program Guidelines.  There will be information in subsequent newsletters regarding how parents can help us with this endeavor.



Write-A-Book timelines are below.




First draft of stories (and illustrations) are due.


Drafts are returned to participants.


Second drafts are due.


Second drafts are returned to participants.


Final Drafts are due and must comply with ALL Write-A-Book rules at this time.

Week of 1/12-16

Write-A-Book submissions will be bound. This will take place both during the day, and in one evening with the support of parent volunteers.


Judging is conducted.


Submissions are returned to UPES

5/13, 7-9PM

Annual Write-A-Book Award Ceremony



2014-2015 Science/Stem Fair

Science Fair will be optional for students in Grade 3.  I apologize for the misprint in the letter that you received last week.  Science Fair is optional for students in grade. 3











The 2014-2015 Science/Stem Fair timeline will begin next week, November 10, 2014.  The projected timeline is below.





Discussion of testable questions and variables


Planning booklets with questions going home


Testable question and variables due to teacher


Question and variables approved and returned. Research begins


Research with three sources due to teacher

Prediction/Hypothesis due to teacher


Research returned to students. Research Report Assigned

Prediction/Hypothesis approved and returned to students


Materials list and procedures assigned



Materials list and procedures due to teacher



Materials list and procedures returned to students. 


Research Report Due




Project Testing done at home.  Collect data on a data chart. 15 trials minimum


Data charts, graphs completed at home or finished in class


Data charts, graphs due to teacher or finished in class


Results and conclusion due to teacher


Results and conclusion returned to student

1-15 to 


Backboards completed at home. 


Science Fair Completed Projects due to teacher/Presentations practiced in class.


Intermediate STEM Fair & Judging


New Cafeteria Manager

Please join me in giving Ms. Yanick Joseph a huge UPES welcome as the new cafeteria manager effective today, November 5, 2014.   Ms. Joseph has been a manager for a number of years with PGCPS but her most recent position was at Cherokee Lane ES.


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, November 5, Fingerprinting Night-6:00- 8:00 p.m., PTA Meeting-7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, November 11-Parent Teacher Conferences, School closed for students

Wednesday, November 12-Picture Retakes/Yearbook

Friday, November 14-First Quarter Report Cards Released

Tuesday, November 25- Awards Assembly, grades 2-3 8:15 a.m., grades 4-6, 8:55 a.m.

Wednesday-Friday, November 26-28-Thanksgiving Holiday, Schools and offices closed


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