TAG Program

**Attention Parents**

If you'd like to nominate your child (Grades 2-5) to be rescreened for the T.A.G program please send a sealed letter to Miss. Jackson by November 30, 2014


The TAG Pull Out Program at the elementary level will allow identified students to meet together once a week for a minimum of 1.5 hours for primary students and 2 hours for intermediate students. Students will be released from regular classes during this time.  Classroom teachers are expected to plan accordingly so new content information is not presented while TAG students are receiving the pull-out curriculum.

  • The curriculum has been developed for use over a three-year period.
  • This plan will ensure that students will not repeat any of the content and the sequence of skills followed is developmental.
  • Each year will be divided into three terms.
  • Each term is approx. 12 weeks.
  • Flexibility in the design

Interdisciplinary Primary unit include

  • Structures 
  • Symmetry
  • Guided Independent Study
  • Junior Great Books Discussion Program

Interdisciplinary Intermediate unit include

  • Forces from Within and Without
  • Adventures in Logic
  • Guided Independent Study
  • Junior Great Books Discussion Program

 Parent Nomination Window for TAG Screening: 

Aug 20 – Dec.1
(Grades 2, 4-7) 

Contact the school-based TAG Coordinator, Ms. Lesli Jackson in writing. 
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