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What you should know about Tulip Grove @ Meadowbrook
"Where Children Bloom -- from great to exceptional!"

3501 Moylan Drive
Bowie, MD  20715
Phone: 301-805-2680
Fax: 301-805-6689
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Principal: Mrs. Jaime Coffen

 K through Grade 5
School hours: 8:15-2:25
First bell rings at 8:00 

 @ Meadowbrook?  While our school building on Trainor Lane is being renovated, we have moved to Meadowbrook on Moylan Drive.  We moved here in Fall 2014.  Check out our rennovation page for more details.

 Just moved into our area?  Stop by the office to register.  To register a child for this school year, please come to the school office during school hours.  We recommend calling ahead (301-805-2680) to let us prepare.  You can fill out the registration forms in the front office.  Check out the PGCPS Registration Page to see what you'll need to bring.

Our Routine:  Check out our Family Handbook to learn about all the routines at Tulip Grove

School Uniforms:  Tulip Grove is not a uniform school, but we do expect all students to adhere to the PGCPS Student Dress Code, as described in section 10, Policies and Procedures, of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

School Boundaries: Use PGCPS's School Finder to find the school assignments for a particular address.

Pre-Kindergarden:  Tulip Grove does not have a pre-kindergarten program.  For more information, call the Early Childhood Office at 301-808-2707. 

Bus Information: Bus information can be found at on the PGCPS Transportation page.  Input your address and your bus schedule will appear.  A letter from the Transportation Department will be mailed with your bus schedule.  Questions regarding buses should be directed to Transportation at 301-952-6570.  If your bus is late or a no-show, contact the bus lot at 301-390-0210


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