Uniform Policy

Thurgood Marshall Middle School

 Mandatory Uniform Policy

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The sole purpose of our dress code policy is to maintain a safe environment for all students who attend Thurgood Marshall Middle School.



Things listed here are in compliance with the mandatory uniform policy.  The policy is for boys and girls.


Things listed here are violations of the uniform policy.  The policy is for boys and girls.

  • Tops

    6th grade - Black      7th gradeGrey                8th grade  - Red 

  • Long or short sleeved  polo-style shirt with two or three clear, black or appropriate colored buttons at the neck.

  • Tops must be tucked in securely.

  • TMMS club/organization shirts are acceptable on designated days.

  • Tops

    • May not have any colored piping, embroidery, designs, logos, characters, names or numbers of any size.

    • Sleeveless tops, fish net, crop tops, v-necks, halters.

    • Undershirts and tee-shirts should not be visible out of sleeves of shirt.

  • Other tops

    • All sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, and fleece are acceptable but must be worn over the uniform shirt, but must be color specific to the grade level.

    • Sweaters, cardigans, and fleece can be worn around the waist when not in use.

    • Other tops

      • Jackets and coats may not be worn in class and must be kept in your locker.

    • Belts

    • Students are encouraged to wear a belt that goes through the

                            loops and are buckled securely at the waist.

    • Belts

      • Belts should only be worn when there are belt loops.

  • Shoes

    • Tennis shoes may be worn

    • Must be fully enclosed

    • Shoes

      • No sandals or slippers of any type… All feet must be covered.

    • Pants

      • Tan or  khaki in color

      • Uniform pants should be secure around waist and are encouraged to be secured with a belt.

      • Shorts should be of appropriate length. (Use finger-tip rule)

      • Shorts and pants must have a finished bottom (no cut-offs).

  • Pants

    • May not fall below the waist, sag, contain characters, names, or numbers of any size.

    • Skirts

      • Tan or khaki in color

      • Must be fingertip length or more when hand is placed at your side and standing at attention.              

  • Skirts

    • Mini skirts and high splits are not allowed.

    • Skirts must have a finished hem, no cut offs

  • Jewelry and accessories

    • Neck jewelry must be worn inside your shirt.

    • Earrings Diameter of a quarter or smaller) and extending no further than one 1 inch below the earlobe.

    • Jewelry and accessories

      • Jewelry should not pose safety hazards.  No pinned buttons.

      • Bracelets, charms, may not be replicas of weapons or contraband.  No chains may be worn.

      • Any accessories and/or jewelry deemed unsafe will be asked to be removed or confiscated.

    • Hair accessories

      • Ribbons, barrettes, headbands, ponytail holders are acceptable.

  • Hair accessories

    • No bandanas, hats, scarves, do-rags, skull caps.



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