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Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 School Year
A message from your principal, Dr.Clark…


Greetings Students and Parents,


Summer vacation is winding down and the new school year is gearing up!  Are you ready for an exciting year of learning?  Well, we are definitely ready!  I would first like to welcome our new students and say hello to our returning students.  I hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation.  During the summer, we have been reflecting, planning and preparing for the upcoming school year.  In addition to relaxing, vacationing and spending time with families and friends, many of our teachers along with myself have been attending professional development opportunities and collaborating with each other in order to continue with our school motto “Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement at Thurgood Marshall Middle School.”    


Dr. Maxwell, our superintendent and executive leadership team has set the tone for the upcoming school year with the PROMISE of PGCPS which states, “If we focus on Culture, Data & Performance with a lens on literacy then we will have Academic Achievement for All.”  We will accomplish this at Thurgood Marshall Middle School by setting high academic expectations for all children and providing supportive systems to assure they are met. By addressing school culture, setting high standards for teacher performance, increased academic expectations for all students and engaging the community, it is our goal at TMMS to ensure that each of our students are college and/or career ready. 


As we continue our pursuit for excellence, our team has worked extremely hard finding the “right” people to teach our scholars!  We are very excited about our staff at TMMS and the added value that they bring to our school.  Please join me in welcoming our staff members!




6 Grade


Supported Inclusion-Mr. Ferlil-123

RELA-Ms. Barron-122

Science-Mr. Bailey-124

Mathematics-Mr. Harvey-120


7th Grade


Supported Inclusion-Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Gervacio&Mr. Rosales

Social Studies-Mr. Butler


Team 1


RELA-Ms. C. Jones

Science-Ms. A. Jones

Mathematics-Ms. C.Williams

Team 2

RELA-Mr. Coleman

Science-Mrs. Boatswain-Harrell

Mathematics-Mrs. Anthony


8th Grade


Supported Inclusion-Mr. Carter/Ms. Clarkson/Mrs. Turner-Wells

Supported Inclusion –Mrs. Long

Social Studies-Mr. Watson


Team 1

RELA-Ms. Burke

Science-Ms. Patterson

Mathematics-Ms. Dawkins


Team 2

RELA-Ms. B.Jones

Science-Ms. Straughn

Mathematics-Mrs. Banks



Creative Arts

Spanish-Senor Olano

Health-Mrs. Powell

Health-Mr. S.Williams

Art-Mr. Thiemeyer

Art-Mr. Shackleford

AVID-Dr. Robinson

I-Ready RELA-Ms. Dennis

I-Ready Mathematics-Dr. Asomani

P.E.-Ms. Stanley/Mr. McMillan

Read 180-Ms. Sorel


Support Staff

ESOL-Mrs. Besche

Reading ILT-Mrs. Meeks

Science ILT-Ms. Butler

Sped Chairperson-Mr. Blackmon

Student Advocates-Mrs. Green/Mrs. Payne

PPW-Dr. Johnson

RELA Support-Mr. Frazier

Crisis Intervention-Mr. Tyner

In School Suspension-Mr. Datcher

Security-Mr. Hughes


 As we prepare for the new school year, here are a few reminders:   


SCHOOL HOURS:  School begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 3:40 p.m.  We really encourage you to have your child at school by 8:30 a.m. especially those eating breakfast.  Teachers will begin at 9:00 a.m. with an engagement activity to prepare our students for their day.  Students are marked “tardy” if they arrive after 9:00 a.m. and are marked as an “early dismissal” if they leave before 3:40 p.m.  Please make every effort to have your son/daughter in school during the designated hours so that he/she can receive the full benefit of the instructional program at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. It is important to be present and on time every day. 


STUDENT/BUS SCHEDULES:  Students will receive their schedules on their first day of school.  Homerooms will be categorized by last names.  The upcoming school year bus schedules will be mailed to you by the Prince George’s County Public Schools’ Department of Transportation.  Bus information is also available on the PGCPS website at  Please review the a.m. and p.m. bus numbers and approximate pick up/drop off times with your child.  This will assist them with becoming acclimated with the bus route and schedule.  Please be patient during the first couple weeks of school as the bus drivers become more familiar with their routes.  Schedules may be off a little the first few days of school.   


FORMS & STUDENT INFORMATION SHEETS:  Please complete all forms that will be sent home on the first day of school, especially the Student Information Sheet and return them to your child’s teacher the next day.  It is extremely important that we have accurate emergency information on file for every child.  During the year, if any of this information changes, please make sure you let us know.  It is imperative that we always have current working phone numbers in case of emergencies.  As we began last year, we are also asking for email addresses as a form of communication with our families.  Sending newsletters and other mass correspondences in this manner will save us money, paper and time for this school year.  Please make sure that your child’s teacher(s) have a current email address for you.  We will begin collecting this information at Back to School Night. 


IMMUNIZATIONS:  To help you prepare with ensuring that your child is properly immunized, Prince George's County Public Schools is offering free immunization clinics for students. The clinics are only for students entering kindergarten and seventh grade. Kindergarteners in the state are required to get a second dose of the chickenpox vaccine, while students in the seventh grade must get the vaccination for Meningococcal and Tdap, which protects against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. Students who are missing required immunizations will be excluded from school on the first day.


SCHOOL BREAKFAST & LUNCHES:  PGCPS has a computerized meal sale program.  Each student has a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and account set up.  You may put funds in the account at any time during the school year.  Funds can be deposited at the school cafeteria by check or cash.  Money can be sent with your son/daughter to put in his/her account as soon as they arrive at school.  Please write the PIN on the check in the memo section.  Additionally the county has set up the PayPAMS (Parent Account Management System) for school lunch payments to be made online. 
The system will also allow parents to set up automatic payment plans, view account balances and the history of the account usage.  Students’ PINs are the same as last year.  New students will receive numbers and guidelines within the first few weeks of school.  Until a PIN is assigned, please send in money daily.  Meal prices are:  Lunch - $3.00; milk only - $.55; reduced lunch - $.40; breakfast - $1.60; and reduced breakfast - $.30.


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT:  We have scheduled Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 13th at 6:30 p.m.  This is an opportunity to meet the teacher(s), learn about the academic program for your child’s grade level and ways that you can support learning at home.  We look forward to seeing you on September 13th. 


SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  A school supply list is attached.  It is also posted on our school’s website and there are copies in the main office.  Students should come to school prepared with necessary supplies on a daily basis ready to learn. 


TMMS  WEB PAGE & PARENT PORTAL:  The school’s website, will be updated continuously to provide detailed information pertinent to the daily academic procedures here at Thurgood Marshall Middle School.

Additionally, you will find current information on specific activities and events, and other important information.  The Parent Portal of SchoolMAX will be up and “running” for parent usage by August 28th.  You can find out your child’s homeroom teacher through SchoolMAX.  We will provide more information on this system and its benefits at Back to School Night.



 supply tiger


Here is a list of the basic supplies that you should have at school each day.  Your team of teachers will also tell you any other supplies that you might need.  BE SURE to have your supplies in EVERY CLASS EVERYDAY!

Student Supply List


   ∙  Three inch 3 –ring binder                                 ∙  Notebook paper for your binder & tabs

   ∙  Hole Reinfrocements (Optional)            ∙  3 blue/ black ballpoint pens (per month)

   ∙  5 - 10 #2 pencils (per month)                ∙  Ruler with both English and Metric

   ∙  Pencil case or bag     sticky notes                   ∙  2 boxes of colored pencils

   ∙  1 Clear Protractor                                        ∙  1 Covered Portable Pencil Sharpener

   ∙  Graph paper                                                 ∙  5 - Composition Books

   ∙  flash drive                                          ∙  1 box of Kleenex & paper towels

   ∙ ¼” Graph paper                                               ∙  1 Bottle of Antibacterial Soap

   ∙ 2 Pocket Folders  


Do NOT bring magic markers or “white out” unless directed by

your  teacher.



upcoming events                                                                  


August 26, 2017 (Saturday)

The PGCPS Annual Back to School Inaugural Fair will be held at Bowie Baysox Stadium @9:30am to 12:30pm


September 5, 2017 (Tuesday)

First Day of School for new students. 


September 6, 2017 (Wednesday)

First Day of School for returning students


September 13, 2017 (Wednesday)

Back to School Night


We are looking forward to an extraordinary new school year and celebrating many successes as we continue our
Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement at Thurgood Marshall Middle School.”    



Dr. DeMarco Clark

Proud Principal               
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