Tayac Academy Dismissal Procedures

Attention Parents or Guardians;

 This is to inform you of our drop off and pick up procedures at Tayac Academy. By following these procedures, you are doing your part in helping to keep all of our students safe while they enter and exit the school building.

AM Drop Off

  • We highly recommend using the driveway located between Tayac and Isaac Gourdine Middle School. This driveway can be accessed by pulling around the back of the middle school,  following it around until you reach the pull off area. Parents are permitted to park in this location and walk their children to the school via the stairs that connect Tayac to Isaac Gourdine. This is our preferred method of AM drop off when factoring in traffic congestion on Allentown Road and flexibility for the parents.
  • Parents may use the school parking lot to drop off as well. Many factors must be taken into consideration if you chose this option. This option is generally more time consuming than our preferred method due to the unpredictable traffic patterns on Allentown Road. Cars may only enter through the parking lot entrance. The semi-circle is for School Bus Unloading only. Parents may not use this entrance to drop off their students. Upon arrival in the parking lot, cars will make an immediate right following the flow of cars around the lot. Parents will then drop off their students once they reach the sidewalk that connects to the parking lot. This must be done in a brisk fashion in order to avoid congestion. Parents who drop off within the school parking lot are not permitted to leave their vehicles. Cars will wait in line and follow the exit instructions given by the School crossing guard.

PM Pick Up

  • Parents must use the driveway located between Tayac and Isaac Gourdine Middle School for all afternoon pick-ups. Please refer to the above recommended AM drop off instructions on how to use this in the afternoon. After parking, parents may pick up their students as they exit the school building from the side entrance. Parents of primary grade level students must let their student’s teacher/staff member know that they have received their student.
  • Our school parking lot will only be used for Vans/Small Buses of after school programs or daycares. Due to the large number of students that are picked up by these programs in the afternoon, the parking lot will be reserved for these Vans/Small Buses only.
  • The semi-circle located in front of the school is reserved for PGCPS School Buses Only during dismissal. Parents may not enter the semi-circle between 130-220 PM.

Our school location is on a very busy Allentown Road, as such drop offs and pick ups can be challenging. Please remember that keeping our students safe during arrival and dismissal is the most important factor when it comes to determining these procedures. We thank you for taking the time to read these Arrival/Dismissal procedures.

Mr. B. Wilson

     Bus Coordinator

Last modified: 9/6/2017 10:52:13 AM