Dress Code

    Option 1

  • White Blouses (Peter Pan Collar) with blue bow tie if wearing the gray pants
  • Navy Blue Sweater/Tayac Sweatshirt (Optional)
  • Plaid Kick-Pleat Skirt Jumper (Plaid # 60)
  • Navy, White or Black Knee Socks or Tights  
  • Black or White Sneakers/Shoes
           Option 2
  • Navy Polo with the Gray Docker Pants 
  • Black or White Sneakers/Shoes

           Boys Uniform 

  • White Dress Shirt (Not white Polo) with gray tie or a Navy Polo
  • Navy Blue Sweater/Navy Blue Sweatshirt or Tayac Sweatshirt (Optional)
  • Navy Blue Docker Pants
  • Navy or Black Socks
  • Black or White Sneakers/Shoes
  • Belt

BE IT RESOLVED that the non-compliance with the uniform agreement will result in the following penalties.

1st Offense:  Teacher makes a phone call or sends a letter home and notifies the school office.

2nd Offense:  Teacher refers student to counselor who makes a phone call to the home and sends a letter. 

3rd Offense:  Administrator sends a letter to the parent(s) or guardian(s)

4th Offense:  One Day of Detention

5th Offense:  Two Days of Detention



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