Lunch Program

Cafeteria/ Lunch Program

Lunch is available in the cafeteria for $2.75.  Please visit to pay for lunch online.  If paying at the school please pay by cash or money orders only.  We are on the automated PIN Number System. Parents/guardians are requested to pay for lunch for the week, every Monday morning or you may a month at a time. Students are provided a PIN number which withdraws money from their account. We request that parents/guardians not bring fast food lunches for their child. This can be very disruptive to the cafeteria.

Eating lunch in the cafeteria is a privilege extended to all students; however, along with privileges come responsibilities. When these responsibilities are not appropriately met, the privilege of eating in the cafeteria may be withdrawn.

Cafeteria Procedures:

* Classroom teachers will escort their students quietly to the cafeteria.
* The adult(s) in charge will notify each table when they may line up to proceed to the food line. Students will sit at their assigned seat/table for the entire cafeteria period. Students are not permitted to take food out of the cafeteria.
* Each student will be responsible for proper disposal of his/her trash.
* Students are not permitted to leave the cafeteria without permission from the adult(s) in charge.

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