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 Debra S. Pearce, M.Ed.

Principal of Tanglewood Regional School 

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(August 2017)

Dear Tanglewood Families,

It is hard to believe, but we will all be back together at Tanglewood next week!  I hope this finds you rested, relaxed and ready for a fantastic school year.  We are so excited to be prepping for your arrival on Wednesday September 6th.

As you enter the school building, you will notice our display cases have the S.S. Timberwolf surrounded by various colored life rings.  This is all part of our preparations to set sail on our Learning Cruise for 2017-2018.  Our Crew is ready, our decks are shined and our provisions are on board for an amazing journey!  Our classes will be known as “Cabins” and each has their own color. 

            Rooms 6,7 and 10 will be Red 

            Rooms 9,11,13 will be Green

            Our Special Areas are Yellow

            The Main Office and Bridge are Blue 

            Our Parents, Partners and PGCPS Central Staff are Orange 

As part of our theme, all the students will come home with their Bon Voyage lei in the color of their choice!   

Crew Additions for 2017-2018

Ms. Amilyn Tagocon-Room 9 Classroom Teacher 

Ms. Nicola Ross-Room 10 Classroom Teacher

Ms. Alyssa Williams-Music Teacher

Ms. Jessica Warren-Art Teacher

Mr. Matt Koller-Aquatics and Adaptive PE

Mr. Eric Garrison-Paraprofessional

Mr. Maurice Berry-Paraprofessional

Mr. Mandel Johnson-Paraprofessional

Ms. Antoinette Grant-Paraprofessional

Ms. Claire White-Paraprofessional

Eric Garrison-Paraprofessional

Please mark your calendars for our Back to School Night on:  

Thursday September 14th from 6:00-7:00.

I look forward to sharing the highlights of our Journey this school year. 

Enclosed with this letter is a letter for your child from me.  I hope that you will get a chance to read it with your child.  I have in included (2) copies so that you can model and point out the symbols as you read.  You could even cut up the black and white copy and have your child match the symbols to the color copy right on top!   

Our school supply list is posted on the Main website page at

As part of our IEP process this year, each child will receive a sturdy red document pouch for any IEP going back and forth between school. 

We will continue our tradition of Spirit Fridays this year.  Start looking for those favorite clothes or items that represent your favorite team, sport, place or color or Tanglewood Teal!  We love to cheer on your children as they show off their spirit wear. 

Please take time to look at the new hallway display by the Main Office.  Here you will be able to see our Monthly Classroom Instructional Themes, our Core Word of the Week, our Play and Social Skills focus and our average monthly attendance.  Information will also be shared through Twitter and through Web.Gov publications. 

As we plot out our course and ports for this year, we will be exploring: 

ReThink Ed for training, lesson development and data collection 

Equals Math-A new supplemental Math program for our students here at Tanglewood

Play, Social Skills and Self-Management focus by Speech and Occupational Therapy

MOVE –Movement Opportunities Via Education

Art and Music “Clubs” to allow for special interest groups each quarter

Parent Perceptions and Needs in the IEP Process as part of Tanglewood and PGCPS focus on Culture.

Please call the Main Office at 301.599.2530 with any questions you may have about the start of the school year.   



                                                                                    Debra S. Pearce, M.Ed.




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