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Talent Development
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Framework for Teaching Resources

Welcome to the Framework For Teaching Resource Page 

Framework for Teaching Facilitator Resources

Framework for Teaching Facilitator Documents for August 15th, system-wide presentations.

Framework for Teaching™ Training (FfT™) for Administrators and Teachers Spring 2012 through Spring 2013 Memorandum 

Principal Toolkit (Administrators' only)

FFT Summer Institute - June 18 and 19

Check out this series of videos to assist you and your staff in learning more about the Framework for Teaching (FFT).  These videos can be used for school wide or individual professional development around FFT.  The manual is designed as a guide to assist you in (1) accessing the website, (2) navigating the Educational Impact website where the FFT videos are located, and (3) providing you guidance on how to use the videos to support your specific FFT professional development program for your school.  


Fft Administrator Elearning Course outline 

Welcome to the FFT Video Series.  Special note: when observing the videos, you can click and move the "participants," "table of contents" and "video" boxes on the right side of your screen so that you can see the ppt slides that are in the video. To assist you in the learning process, you can also rewind, stop, pause, and fast forward at anytime during the video.  


  Video 1: FFT Orientation and the Teacher Evaluation Process   

     Video 1a: Self Assessment and Goal Setting

Video 2: Introduction to Domains, Components and Elements

Video 3: Domain 1: Planning and Preparation 

Video 4: Domain 2: Classroom Environment  

Video 5: Domain 3: Instruction  

Video 6: Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities