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Talented and Gifted
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Talented and Gifted Program Elementary School Program




Elementary Overview

If you have questions regarding TAG identification or programs,

please contact the TAG Coordinator at your child's school.

School TAG Coordinator 13-14 Program
Accokeek Academy Amanda Meyer/Ellen St. Clair Center
Adelphi Elementary Sharada Muralidharan Pull-Out
Allenwood Elementary Kristin Brice Pull-Out
Andrew Jackson K-8 Academy Marilyn Barber Pull-Out
Apple Grove Elementary Margaret Holmes Pull-Out
Ardmore Elementary Emma Dennis Pull-Out
Arrowhead Elementary Evelyn Fabito Pull-Out
Avalon Elementary Phyllis Ennals Pull-Out
Baden Elementary Khadyjah Bob Pull-Out
Barack Obama Elementary Glenda Baines TRC
Barnaby Manor Elementary Glenda Hinton Pull-Out
Beacon Heights Elementary Lauren Stephenson Pull-Out
Beltsville Academy (K-8) Catherine Hopkins TRC
Benjamin D. Foulois CPA Fran Robinson TRC
Berwyn Heights Elementary Jessica Greene TRC
Bladensburg Elementary Cama Kalee Jones Wilson Pull-Out
Bond Mill Elementary Donna Albrecht TRC
Bradbury Heights Elementary Paula Boone Pull-Out
Brandywine Elementary Stephanie Roberts-Carson Pull-Out
Calverton Elementary Ann Rossman TRC
Capitol Heights Elementary Wendy Frederick Center
Carmody Hills Elementary Sadiga Al Aalam Pull-Out
Carole Highlands Elementary Fred Laureles Pull-Out
Carrollton Elementary Sharon Topper Pull-Out
Catherine T. Reed Elementary Bela Tayal Pull-Out
Cesar Chavez Elementary Evylyn Quinones Pull-Out
Cherokee Lane Elementary Teri Emig Pull-Out
Chillum Elementary Janice Fisher Pull-Out
Clinton Grove Elementary Lucille Underdue Pull-Out
Columbia Park Elementary Bernard grayson Pull-Out
Concord Elementary Brittany Chisley/Lisa Taylor Pull-Out
Cool Spring Elementary Linda Bradley Pull-Out
Cooper Lane Elementary Antoinette Bohmer Pull-Out
Cora L. Rice Elementary Dildra Roane Pull-Out
Deerfield Run Elementary Eleanor Kelley Pull-Out
District Heights Elementary Charles Brown  Pull-Out
Dodge Park Elementary Patrice Pollack Pull-Out
Doswell E. Brooks Elementary Beverly Patterson  Pull-Out
Excel Academy Burnetta Scott Caldwell Pull-Out
Flintstone Elementary Gil Hughes Pull-Out
Forest Heights Elementary Jennifer Boyles/Johnetha Davis Pull-Out
Fort Foote Elementary Kim Warley Pull-Out
Fort Washington Forest Elementary Dionne Bailey Pull-Out
Francis Scott Key Elementary Janet Pacel Pull-Out
Francis T. Evans Elementary Ottabell Jackson Pull-Out
Gaywood Elementary Rebecca Gray Pull-Out
Gladys Noon Spellman Lisa Hazel Pull-Out
Glassmanor Elementary Diane Adelman Pull-Out
Glenarden Woods Elementary Carolyn Monroe Center
Glenn Dale Elementary Elizabeth McGowan TRC
Glenridge Elementary Lynda Granady Pull-Out
Greenbelt Elementary Andrew Karnes TRC
Heather Hills Elementary Robert Roman Center
High Bridge Elementary Sharnita Brockenberry Pull-Out
Highland Park Elementary Susan Smith  susan.smith Center
Hillcrest Heights Elementary Danyell Clark/Kim Daniels Pull-Out
Hollywood Elementary April Lee TRC
Hyattsville Elementary Jennifer Page Pull-Out/TRC
Imagine - Andrews Laneka Allison Pull-Out
Imagine - Leeland Alexis Pike Pull-Out
Imagine - Morningside Douglas Gaither Pull-Out
Imagine - Lincoln Cinnamon Cleckley Pull-Out
Indian Queen Elementary Tiffany Matthews Pull-Out
J. Frank Dent Elementary Andria Jones Pull-Out
James H. Harrison Elementary Debbie Boyd Pull-Out
James McHenry Elementary Panchitta Robinson Pull-Out
James Ryder Randall Elementary Kimberly Oelkers Pull-Out
John H. Bayne Elementary Joan Linstrom Pull-Out
John Hanson  French Imm. Sandra Navarra TRC
John Hanson Montessori Gwen Harris Pull-Out
Judge S. Woods Elementary Loraine Beinhart/Chante Gregory Pull-Out
Judith Hoyer Montessori Ottabell Jackson Pull-Out
Kenilworth Elementary Beth Gray TRC
Kenmoor  Elementary Chiffon Buck Pull-Out
Kettering Elementary Katja Ross Pull-Out
Kingsford Elementary Diane Eades TRC
Lake Arbor Elementary Sharon Holley TRC
Lamont Elementary Sherri Wright Pull-Out
Langley-Park-McCormick Elementary Roshan Soleimanloo Pull-Out
Laurel Elementary Paul Rhode Pull-Out
Lewisdale Elementary Angela4.Brown Pull-Out
Longfields Elementary Brenda Roberts Center
Magnolia Elementary Tanesha Wiggins Pull-Out
Marlton Elementary Aurora Reed TRC
Mary Harris "Mother" Jones Elementary Roxanne Anderson Pull-Out
Mattaponi Elementary Kimberly Aaron'Lakeda Williams TRC
Melwood Elementary Darrell Payne Pull-Out
Montpelier Elementary Lisa Dolan TRC
Mt. Rainier Elementary Gina Downin Pull-Out
North Forestville Elementary Farris Muhammad Pull-Out
Northview Elementary Telethea Bozeman TRC
Oaklands Elementary Eileen Knieriem Pull-Out
Overlook Elementary Linda Johnson  Pull-Out
Oxon Hill Elementary Ivia Moore-Bey Pull-Out
Paint Branch Elementary Sharon Hindman Pull-Out
Panorama Elementary Cynthia Coates Pull-Out
Patuxent Elementary Marcus Holden Pull-Out
Perrywood Elementary Beth Fuhrer TRC
Phyllis E. Williams Elementary Carla Burgess Pull-Out
Pointer Ridge Elementary Ruth Browne TRC
Port Towns Elementary Dara Dyer Pull-Out
Potomac Landing Elementary Jana Grymes Pull-Out/TRC
Princeton Elementary Hilda Geddings-Oshon Pull-Out
Ridgecrest Elementary Marsha Philips Pull-Out
Riverdale Elementary Teresa Corcoran Pull-Out
Robert Frost Elementary Aaron2. Martin TRC
Robert Goddard Fr. Immersion Marcia Mincey Pull-Out
Robert Goddard Montessori Barbara Holmes Pull-Out
Robert R. Gray Elementary LaShawn Davis  Pull-Out
Rockledge Elementary Jean Lowd/Rena Shylanski TRC
Rogers Heights Elementary Carol Shelton Pull-Out
Rosa Parks Elementary Karen Matthews Pull-Out
Rosaryville Elementary Michele Allen TRC
Rose Valley Elementary Niki Salley Pull-Out
Samuel Chase Elementary Rapunzel Galang Pull-Out
Samuel P. Massie Academy Beverly. Patterson Pull-Out
Scotchtown Hills Elementary Nicole Dorn Perkins/Kim Blouvet TRC
Seabrook Elementary Michele Forney Pull-Out
Seat Pleasant Elementary Randy Whetzel Pull-Out
Skyline Elementary Deborah Morris Pull-Out
Springhill Lake Elementary Heather Stottlemeyer Pull-Out
Suitland  Elementary Jacquelyn Williams Pull-Out
Tayac Elementary Natonya Huggins Pull-Out
Templeton Elementary Mary Dominic Lorena Pull-Out
Thomas Claggett Elementary Arnor Galang Pull-Out
Thomas G. Pullen School (K-8) Beverly Klimkowsky Pull-Out
Thomas S. Stone Elementary Emily Farrell Pull-Out
Tulip Grove Elementary Tina Holmes TRC
Turning Point Charter Lesli Jackson Pull-Out
University Park Elementary Joyce Jackson TRC
Valley View Elementary Erica Bair Center
Vansville Elementary Amanda Soto TRC
Waldon Woods Elementary Deborah Haw Pull-Out
Whitehall Elementary Angela Grooms/Torrey Murray TRC
William Beanes Elementary Sherone Barnes Pull-Out
William Paca Elementary Desiree DeFlorimonte/Melissa Bates Pull-Out
William W. Hall Academy Rachel Gallimore Pull-Out
Woodmore Elementary Reesie Thomas Pull-Out/TRC
Woodridge Elementary Ebony Taylor   Pull-Out
Yorktown Elementary Maryjo Domen Pull-Out






The following elements are to be addressed by schools considering providing TAG services within the regularly scheduled classroom setting:

TAG Student Enrollment: In grades 2 through 6, it is recommended that at least seven (7) TAG identified students be cluster grouped within a class. For schools with fewer than seven (7) TAG students per grade level, all should be assigned to the same cluster. The pace and rigor of instruction for these gifted students should be based on student readiness, interests, and learning profile.

Enriched approach to language arts integrating the areas of literature, reading, composition

Differentiated instructional strategies in the heterogeneous classroom

  • pre-assessments
  • curriculum compacting
  • tiered assignments
  • flexible grouping
  • independent study
  • acceleration
  • concept-based/interdisciplinary units
  • learning/interest centers
  • enrichment clusters


The TAG Pull-out Program provides TAG identified students in the attendance area school an enriched, thematic, interdisciplinary educational experience beyond the PGCPS core curricula. The TAG Pull-out curriculum components include enrichment units that provide opportunities for developing critical and creative thinking skills and advanced research skills through independent study. TAG Pull-out groups meet on a regular basis, 1.5 – 2 hour per week from October – June.  Students meet together once a week for a minimum of two hours regular classes and separate groupings are maintained for primary (grades 2 & 3) and intermediate (grades 4, 5 & 6).

Students use of primary and intermediate thematic, interdisciplinary curricular units that rotate on a 2 or 3 year cycle respectively units, incorporate higher level and critical thinking skills emphasis on advanced research and study skills, provide opportunity for guided independent study, implement Junior Great Book Discussion Program, and participate in scientific and artistic enrichment opportunities (varies from school-to-school).

2012-2013 TAG Pull-out Units of Study

  • Grades 2 and 3 - Structures and Symmetry
  • Grades 4 - 6 - Forces from Within and Without and Adventures in Logic

* Attendance area/neighborhood schools offer either the TAG in the Regular Classroom (TRC Program) OR Pull-out Program


(Choice Program - placement is via lottery process)

The TAG Center Program provides TAG identified students with - full-day advanced, enriched, accelerated educational experiences to meet the unique and specialized instructional, social, and emotional needs of gifted learners. Placement in the TAG Center is through the PGCPS Lottery process. Space is limited at each location.

Students must be TAG identified in order to participate in the TAG Center program.  If your child is not identified as TAG, but is in the process of being screened, you may select TAG on the lottery application.  However, students must be identified and coded before the lottery placement occurs. 

The TAG Elementary Centers offer a full-day intensive instructional program to meet the unique and specialized needs of highly able students. Specially selected and trained teachers provide the program in the eight TAG Elementary Center Schools. All components of the TAG Center Program design must be implemented. Approved TAG Center Curricula in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, World Language, and Interrelated Arts should serve as the instructional guides for the program. Specific components of the TAG CENTER Program include the following:


  • full-day intensive instructional program 
  • accelerated and enriched instruction in mathematics 
  • computer technology 
  • laboratory approach to accelerated and enriched science instruction 
  • enriched approach to language arts integrating the areas of literature, reading, composition – William and Mary Language Arts Curriculum for Highly Able Learners, Junior Great Books, author studies, genre focus units 
  • enriched approach to social studies including a multi-cultural emphasis and advanced study/research skills 
  • World Language emphasis including
    • International Culture and Language (ICAL) (grades 2-5) 
    • Latin infusion (grade 4) 
    • Grade 6 – Introduction to Spanish or French 
    • Grade 7 – Spanish or French I 
    • Grade 8 – Spanish or French II 
  • interrelated arts - study of the fine arts 
  • off-site educational, scientific, and artistic enrichment opportunities 

Continuity to the TAG Center Middle School Program is guaranteed to TAG elementary students placed via lottery.



Accokeek Academy (grades 2-8) TAG Coordinators: Amanda Meyer and Ellen St. Clair https://sites.google.com/a/pgcps.org/accokeek-academy-t/

Capitol Heights Elementary (grades 2-5) ~ TAG Coordinator: Wendy Frederick

Glenarden Woods Elementary (grades 2-5) ~ TAG Coordinator: Carolyn Monroe

Heather Hills Elementary (grades 2-5) ~ TAG Coordinator: Robert Roman

Longfields Elementary (grades 2-5) ~ TAG Coordinator: Brenda Roberts

Highland Park Elementary (grades 2-5) ~ TAG Coordinator: Susan Smith

Valley View Elementary (grades 2-5) ~ TAG Coordinator: Erica Bair  

Greenbelt Middle (grade 6-8) ~ TAG Coordinator: Tracey Thisse

Kenmoor Middle (grades 6-8) ~ TAG Coordinator: Beth Novick https://sites.google.com/a/pgcps.org/tag-at-kms/home

Walker Mill Middle (grades 6-8) ~ TAG Coordinator, Samantha Cotton