Uniform Policy

 For school year 2014-2015, Suitland Elementary School will be enforcing the uniform policy.  Monday through Friday of each week students must wear a uniform to school The uniform colors are Burgundy polo shirts, navy blue bottoms and all black shoes.  Below is a further description of what is acceptable.


      Burgundy Polo shirts - long or short sleeves

      Solid blue cardigan sweaters may be worn over the shirt/top

      No logos such as Guess, FUBU, Nike, etc. may be worn


Pants/Slacks must be solid, navy blue.  Khaki-styled Dockers or uniform pants are acceptable.  Pants/Slacks with belt loops must be worn with a belt.  Pants/Slacks should be hemmed, however cuffs are acceptable.

      Properly fitting navy blue skirts (knife pleat or kick pleat acceptable), culottes, and jumpers (drop waist jumper or slit front), shorts and skorts must be below fingertip length.  Clothing must be properly hemmed and layering pants on top of pants is unacceptable.

SHOES and SOCKS          

            Black shoes, uniform or solid black tennis shoes without the logos and burgundy or navy blue socks or tights are acceptable.

We appreciate your continued cooperation. The uniform policy is imposed to ensure all students can focus on teaching and learning. Additonal attire deverts everyone from our focus of high student achievement.

Thank you for your support!



Last modified: 8/22/2014 12:43:55 PM