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Last modified: 5/27/2015 11:08:48 AM
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Substituting with Excellence... 

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Passion for Excellence...

Substitute educators face one of the most challenging jobs in education today. As a substitute, you are expected to step into an unknown class, often in an unknown building, at a moment's notice, and pick up ongoing lessons without the benefit of knowing exactly where a teacher left off or what material students already have covered. As an outsider to this particular class, you'll need savvy classroom management skills to successfully motivate students who may have a history of behavioral issues of which you are unaware.

It's a tall order. Being a substitute is not the easiest job....but this is an opportunity for you to make a difference. We want you to be equipped for success within our county. Our goal is to increase training annually and to listen to the substitutes and provide them with timely and valuable feedback. If you are currently a substitute and need assistance with challenges related to an assignment or if you have questions that are not answered below, please contact Shimona Mayo at 301-952-6033 for help. Please note as we are now a small support team supporting a large number of accounts. In the past you may have been able to get an answer right away and our team unfortunately receives such a large volume of calls and emails daily that we may not able to respond immediately. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours. Please see a list of FAQs below:

1. I received my paycheck but I didn't get paid for all the days worked. Who can I call?
If you are aware of which schools did not pay you please contact the schools directly. If you are not aware of schools that didn't pay you (i.e. if you worked at a large number of schools and can't identify which school did not pay you) contact the Payroll Department at 301-952-6200.  

2. I am having problems with my AESOP ID/Pin. How can I get that?
To get your AESOP ID and Pin, contact us via email at All requests will be responded to within three business days, unless there is a response notification verifying our team is offsite and unable to respond to email inquiries in a timely manner.

3. I was scheduled to be at a school today but when I arrived the school no longer needed me because a) they filled the position with someone else or b) they said they notified me but I didn't see it. Why did this happen and how can I get paid for this?
It is not unusual for schools to cancel an assignment. They are required to cancel assignments 12 hours in advance of your scheduled assignment. We encourage you to look at your AESOP account the morning of your scheduled assignment and to also check your PGCPS email address to see if there are any updates. This will prevent you from driving to a school and not having an assignment for the day. If you arrive at a school and are turned away because the assignment was cancelled you can easily select a new assignment using your AESOP app. 

4. I would like to stop / turn on calls from AESOP. How do I set that up?
- Login to your AESOP Account
- Click on "Preferences"
- Click on "Call Times"
- Click on "Edit" at the bottom of any of the days of the week to adjust your calls. 

5. I need to report an incident at a school. Who should I speak with to submit a formal complaint?
If it is a complaint regarding the teachers, policies or concerns within the school you must speak directly with the administration of the school.

If you want to make someone aware of a poor interaction with a student speak directly with the administration of the school and they will advise us if it is a larger issue.

If you have a fall or get injured on the job and need information on how to receive workers' compensation benefits, please contact the Payroll & Benefits Services team at 301-952-6000.

6. I am not going to be able to work my 25 days this year. Will I still be able to work next year?
We provide annual renewal notices to all substitutes that at least worked during the school year. If you work less than 10 days during the school year it is likely that you will be terminated and will have to reapply. If you have worked a minimum of ten days you can provide us with a letter to verify why you did not meet the minimum of 25 days for consideration. Not all statements of explanation are approved, but majority are approved.

7. Is there any training for substitutes?
We are currently working to develop a mandatory training for substitutes. We used the 2014/2015 school year to begin restructuring the program and anticipate a training to be put in place for the 2015/2016 school year. All active substitutes will be required to go through the training program once it has been developed and made available.

8. I can't remember how many days I have worked this year. How can I get this information?
We get a large number of calls from active substitutes that are not aware of how many days they have worked during the course of the year. As a result we are strongly encouraging you to view your epayslips in Oracle. You can look at each of your checks and calculate the number of days worked. We also encourage all substitutes to keep a log of days worked. Finally, you can call the payroll office at 301-952-6000.

9. AESOP does not reflect the actual days I have worked during the school year.
AESOP may not display the days that you were contacted directly by a school or the automated system . Our team uses payroll records at the end of the year to determine the true number of days that you have worked.

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