Update:  Edward M. Felegy Elementary School's Orientation and Open House is Monday, August 25. Visit the school's website for details.

Hours of Operation
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday 

 Sasscer Administration Building
14201 School Lane, Room 124
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772  

 Telephone: 301.780.2191
Email: substitute.teacher@pgcps.org

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 Top 5 Reasons to be a Substitute Teacher

  1. Enjoy the satisfaction of working with students and encouraging them to learn
  2. Flexibility - You are in control of your time and schedule
  3. Being able to make a positive contribution to your community
  4. Experiencing the culture and diversity of students
  5. Improving your professional skills

To become a Substitute Teacher please click here

The Substitute Teacher Position for school year 2013-2014 will be posted by 7.9.13

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