Passion for Excellence. 

                   Compassion for Students. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute for Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS). Alongside the vision of Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell, our Chief Executive Officer, we are looking for highly qualified professionals who want to move our school district forward and ensure that every student graduates prepared for college and careers. We truly believe that our substitutes are a critical part of the classroom experience for every student and we must have a standard of excellence. Being a substitute means that you are a professional with former experience managing groups of mid to large student groups. It means you understand how to cultivate a positive learning environment for students, while maintaining your composure. Being a substitute means that above all you want to continue the spirit of excellence inside the classroom when a teacher is absent.


Great By Choice....

Have you taken time to think about what it means to be great as a substitute? It is an engaging commitment that allows professionals the opportunity to go into our classrooms and make positive impacts on the lives of the children whom we support and care for every single day. Being great by choice as a substitute means that you take your work seriously, act and dress professionally and you are work ready. PGCPS values professionals that can bring these qualities to the district.

Flexibility and adaptability are probably the two most important characteristics that a substitute teacher must possess in our county. You must be flexible and adaptable because you could be subbing in a 2nd grade classroom one day and a high school English class the next. In order to be great you must have your own methods to assure excellent classroom management. 

Below are a few tips to help you be successful within Prince George’s County Public Schools:

Arrive early!
If you arrive early you will have enough time to be familiar with the school and the classroom you will manage. Some of the key things you need to find quickly are your lesson plans and the
emergency exit plans for the building. You want to familiarize yourself with any classroom rules and identify where the bathrooms closest to you room are located.

Meet neighboring teachers in case you need help.
Getting to know the teachers in the rooms around you can provide you with a lot of assistance. They will likely be able to help you with questions specific to the schedule and the content. They may also be able to give you additional tips specific to your students that could benefit you. Finally, it can be beneficial to build a relationship with these teachers because you may have the opportunity to sub for them at some point.

Quickly identify student helpers.
It is not unlikely that you will have students that want to help and then those that will want to have fun. Give the students that want to have fun and could likely cause you challenges throughout the day an opportunity to be your helper. By working closely with them and quickly building a rapport with them you may be able to eliminate disruptions.

Be creative.
As a substitute teacher, your main goal is to get the attention of the students and to keep them focused and on track for the day. Even if they are not actively causing any trouble, students are unlikely to focus or to retain any of the lesson if you are simply reading facts from a sheet that the teacher left you. Regular teachers, through their personalities and presence in the classroom, establish a rapport with the students that is the basis for learning. You need to be creative to build that kind of relationship in a much shorter period. Rely on your positive character traits, interact in a friendly way with your class and develop fun or unconventional ways to impart the lesson.

Set expectations and goals.
This is the single most crucial component of being an effective substitute teacher. Students of all ages are going to push a substitute to see what they can get away with. Start the day off by setting your own expectations and rules. Don’t let them get away with anything. Hold them accountable for their actions and don’t be afraid to assign them consequences.
If this doesn’t get their attention, then go ahead and refer them to the principal. Word will spread that you’re a no nonsense substitute and students will begin to challenge you less and less making your job much easier in the long run.









9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday 


301.780.2191 or email

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Sasscer Administration Building
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