Strategic Resource Planning
Strategic Planning

About Strategic Planning

Strategic planning ensures that a common purpose and values are established for the school district. The long-term strategic direction is identified and expressed through:

  • clear goals
  • key performance indicators
  • targets
  • strategic initiatives, and
  • actionable strategies

The FY16 - FY20 PGCPS Strategic Plan provides a comprehensive view into the direction and focus of PGCPS. The strategic planning function of SRP also includes Bridge-to-Excellence Master Plan coordination and assessment and competitive grant proposal development. …Read More

PGCPS Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Cycle





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Did You Know?

The Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act of 2002 increased state funding for public schools by $1.3 billion over the six year period from SY2003 through SY2008 -- the most significant non-court-ordered increase in U.S. history.