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College and Career Ready
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Areas of Focus
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Secondary School Reform began in 2009 as a way to engage Prince George's County Public Schools students and transform our educational system into one that better serves the needs of our students.

The reform initiative is broken down into three areas of focus:

  1. Raising Expectations

Raising expectations to better prepare PGCPS students for the world after graduation is the foundation of SSR.  Projects within this area include:

  • Creating a College-going Culture   
  • Developing a Career Interest Inventory System   
  • Assembling Smaller Learning Communities   
  • Enacting GEARUP   
  • Implementing Common Core Standards   

  1. Expanding Opportunities 

Expanding opportunities to provide PGCPS students with the challenging and relevant skills and experience is the key to ensuring success in their post-graduation plans.  Plans to expand opportunities for students include:

  • Redesigning the high school experience into Career-focused Academies   
  • Developing a better network of Charter Schools   
  • Enhancing Business & Community Partnerships   

  1. Enhancing Student Support  

Enhancing student support is the final component of SSR.  Prince George's County Public Schools believes that providing students with a framework of support within which they can succeed is the key to their achievement.  New or revised support systems for students will include:

  • Implementing Personal Education Plans (PEP)   
  • Creating a Digital Learning Environment   
  • Designing a support system for Student Transitions   
  • Developing a Middle School Task Force   

For more information, please visit the Reform Strategy page or contact the Secondary School Reform office at