Joan M. Rothgeb, Ed.S
Executive Director
John Carroll Center
1400 Nalley Terrace
Landover, Maryland  20785
(301) 618-8300

John Carroll Elementary School
1400 Nalley Terrace
Landover, Maryland 20785
Phone:  301-618-8300
Fax:  301-925-1961

Department of Special Education
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Special Education


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The One World Center for Autism  

  • to provide specialized instruction and related services to children and students with disabilities from birth to age 21; 
  •  to ensure that the rights of students with disabilities are protected and that federal and State regulatory requirements are met; and 
  •  to provide support to parents, guardians, and families of children and students with disabilities. 


  •  to provide a continuum of services where diversity is honored and all students are fully engaged in a program of instruction that is universally designed for learning.  


  1. Improve achievement for all students with disabilities
  2. Deliver comprehensive services to students with disabilities
  3. Ensure access to Prince George's County Public School curriculum
  4. Provide the necessary resources and interventions to improve educational results for children with disabilities
  5. Ensure the rights of children with disabilities are protected  


Special Education: A Service, Not a Place  

Special Education:  A Service, Not a Place