Teacher Opportunties

Teacher Opportunities

The Prince George's County Public Schools Social Studies office strives to provide educators with a variety of opportunities for professional development and growth. In addition to offerings such as economics and geography workshops, “Reading in the Content Areas” and “Deliberating in a Democracy” activities, and other hands-on training activities available through this office, several organizations in our area may be accessed.

Gilder Lehrman Institute (GLI)

Founded in 1994, the Gilder Lerhman Institute was created to promote the study of American History and aims to serve students and scholars alike. For the Social Studies educator, however, the GLI proves an indispensable tool. Through the GLI, teachers gain access to dynamic lesson plans, a vast array of resources and primary documents, and also professional development opportunities. Such opportunities include not only seminars and summer classes, but also traveling exhibitions well worth the effort to explore.

Maryland Historical Society (MdHS)

The Maryland Historical Society is located in Baltimore, Maryland and was founded in 1844 for the purpose of preserving and championing the history of Maryland. The opportunities for professional development through the MdHS are endless. The organization offers skill-based workshops on topics such as using primary documents and preparing for History Day, topic-based workshops covering eras such as colonial/revolutionary Maryland and Maryland during the Cold War, and also offers resources such as lesson plans and in-class field trips.

Other Professional Development Opportunities



Teachers log on to Blackboard for updates and announcements from the Social Studies Office. See your Department Chair/Teacher Coordinator for registration information.



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