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PGCPS - Social Studies
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Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade
World Cultures and Geography I: The Western Hemisphere

World Cultures and Geography is a two-year course in Prince George’s County Public Schools that is taught in the sixth and seventh grades.  The western hemisphere is taught in the sixth grade.  The Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum (VSC) for grades six and seven are incorporated in both courses.  Therefore, some indicators and objectives listed on the sixth grade VSC will be covered in seventh grade and some seventh grade indicators and objectives will be taught in the sixth grade.  All of the indicators and objectives in the sixth and seventh grade VSC are taught within the sixth and seventh grade Curriculum Framework Progress Guide for Prince George’s County Public Schools.

In sixth grade students learn about the ancient civilizations and contemporary world cultural geography of the western hemisphere.  Students learn about the world outside of the United States.  Students use a variety of sources and perspectives to analyze the characteristics and structure of political and economic systems around the world.  Students study the growth and the development of nations in the contemporary world by looking at the expansion and changes in nations and empires.


 Units of Study

Core Textbooks

  • Unit One: Foundations of Geography
  • Unit Two: United States of America and Canada
  • Unit Three: Latin America  
  •  World Studies: Foundations of Geography
  • World Studies: The United States and Canada
  • World Studies: Latin America


Sixth Grade

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