Prince George’s County Public Schools uses SchoolMAX to keep a record of your contact information. This includes a mailing address, a phone number, and email address. You can use the My Profile page to request a change or addition to your contact information. You can also change your password. To view your profile page, click My Profile.


Changing Your Password

1. To change your password, click the Change Password link next to User ID.


2. Enter the old password in the Password field.

3. Enter the new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.

4. Click Change Password.

Changing Your Address and Phone Number

To request a change to your mailing address or phone number:


1. From the My Profile page, click Edit Phone/Address .


2. Enter your street address in Mailing Address.

3. Enter your City.

4. Select the State from the drop-down menu.

5. You can enter up to three Phone Numbers. You can also select the Phone Type from the drop-down menu and select whether you prefer to be contacted during the daytime or evening at that number.

6. When finished, click Update Phone/Address.

NOTE: This process does not change your information immediately. Each request must be approved by the school before it takes affect. If the request is urgent, you may want to notify the school that you have made the request.

Adding or Changing Your Email Address

To add or edit your email address:

1. From the My Profile page, click Edit Profile.


2. Enter your email address in the E-mail address field.

NOTE: At this time, the Communication medium preferences are not functional, so any selection you make to this field will have no effect.