Prince George’s County Public School teachers maintain electronic grade books that list every assignment, the score the student received for the assignment, and other information as well. SchoolMAX Family Portal allows you to view student scores as teachers post them. You can also view an unofficial version of the child’s complete transcript.

Current Gradebook

Before you look at the student gradebook, it is important to understand how teachers set up their gradebook and how SchoolMAX calculates the Grade Point Average (GPA).

A teacher’s gradebook is broken into grading categories such as assessments (tests and quizzes), class work, and homework. Each category is weighted based on the PGCPS District Grading Policies. District grading policy dictates what percentage (weight) of the overall GPA each category accounts for. For example, in Elementary Science (Grades K and 1), 55% of the overall grade point average comes from the Class Work category, and 40% comes from the Assessments (test, quizzes, etc) category, while only 5% comes from Homework. These weights vary, depending on subject and level. To see the grading category weights dictated by PGCPS, go to the Teacher Support page, look for either the Elementary or Secondary section, and click Grading Factor by Category found here:

Teachers create individual assignments within a grading category in SchoolMAX and indicate the total number of points the student can earn for that assignment. When the assignment is complete, the teacher enters the number of points the student earned out of the possible total number of points. SchoolMAX then takes that score and includes it in the total GPA calculation based on the district policy weight for that grading category.

To view grades:

1. Click Gradebook.


2. Here you can view general information about the courses the child takes, including:

3. Click Grades to view the current grade percentage total for the course.

4. Click Assignments to view the detailed list of assignments and scores.

Viewing Grades


1. To view the Grade details page, click Grades.


2. You see two weighted averages:

NOTE: Please note that this percentage is not an official grade and can be updated or changed at any time. Official grades are published on the child’s report card.

3. Further down the page, the grades are broken into grading categories as described at the beginning of this section. You can see the category title in the upper left of each section and the Weight for that section in the upper right of each section.

4. You can also see information about individual assignments within each category:


5. At the bottom of each section you see the current estimated term grade and period grade per category.

Viewing Assignments


If you click Assignments from the main Gradebook page:


1. You see the complete list of assignments for the course. Here you can view:


2. To sort by a specific column, select the column name in the Sort By drop-down menu and click Go.

3. To view these details for a specific assignment, click the name link in the Assignment column.


Unofficial Transcript

From the main Gradebook page, you can choose to view an unofficial transcript of the child’s complete grade history. These are not final grades and are subject to change, but they may give you a general idea of the child’s overall performance.

Before you look at the student transcript, it is important to understand that PGCPS grading policy only recognizes whole letter grades (A, B, etc). It does not recognize grades such as B+ or A-. Student transcripts and report cards reflect only whole letter grades. For example, regardless of if the percentage is an 81% or an 89%, the student report card shows a B.

To view the unofficial transcript:


1. Click Unofficial Transcript.


2. On this page you can view general transcript information, such as:

3. To sort by a different column, select the column name in the Sort By drop-down menu and click Go.