Getting Started

Prince George’s County Public Schools uses an online student information system called SchoolMAX. This system keeps track of nearly all student data, including:

The Family Portal is a feature of SchoolMAX that allows designated family members to view this information for their children. It is a browser-based application and works best on any of the these web browser applications:

If you encounter any problems, contact the Family Portal Administrator at your child’s school.

Registering for the Family Portal

The first time you access the Family Portal you must register using your Parent Access Key:

1. Go directly to or hover your mouse over the Parent tab on the home page and click SchoolMAX Family Portal.


2. To change the Family Portal to Spanish, select Spanish from the Choose Language to Display drop-down menu. This changes the page text, but not the student data, to Spanish.

3. Click I need to register.


4. Enter the Parent Access Key you received in the Family Portal notification letter.

5. Click Submit.


6. Enter a Username if one has not already been created for you. The username is case sensitive. If you are also a PGCPS employee, you cannot use the same username for your parent login.

7. Enter a Password. Be sure to follow the requirements listed on the screen. The password is case sensitive.

8. Retype the password in the Confirm Password field.

9. Choose three questions from the Password Hint drop-down menu and enter the answer in the text box beneath. If you forget your password later, you can answer these questions to verify your identity.


10. When finished, click Create Account.

Accessing the Family Portal

Once you register, you can login with the username and the password.

1. Go directly to or hover your mouse over the Parent tab on the home page and click SchoolMAX Family Portal.


2. Enter the Username and Password.

3. Click Log In.


4. If you have more than one child in the school system you see the option to select which student record you want to view. If you only have one child in the system, you go directly to the General Information page.


5. It is a good idea to check and verify that all information is correct. If you see incorrect information, contact the school.

NOTE: Do not use the back button on your browser when using SchoolMAX. To return to the previous page, press the BACKSPACE key on your keyboard.