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How to Become A Comer SDP School



The following is a description of the types of schools associated with the Comer SDP implementation process in Prince George's County Public Schools:

Comer SDP 3-Year Cohort Schools - These are schools that are making a three-year commitment to faithfully implement the Comer SDP as their model of comprehensive school reform.  Ideally, Comer SDP 3-Year Cohort Schools will have direct facilitation by a Comer Coordinator approximately one day a week.  

Comer SDP 3-Year Cohort Schools collect data on the level and effects of Comer SDP implementation and will be a part of any formal study of "Comer Schools" conducted by the school system or Yale Child Study Center Comer SDP.

Schools applied and were selected to become Comer SDP 3-Year Cohort Schools in August 2007 by completing an "Essentials of Understanding - Collaboration Agreement" document, and being screened and approved by departmental, divisional and regional staff.


Comer SDP Network Schools - These schools receive "indirect facilitation" by contacting the Comer SDP office for on-site services as needed, as well as registering representative stakeholders for Comer SDP orientations and other training sessions.

Network Schools would not be expected to participate in any formal study of "Comer Schools," although the collection of data on the level and effects of Comer SDP implementation provides significant school improvement information.

To become a Comer SDP Network School, please contact the Department of School Development/Comer Office at 301-583-2100 or at to request an " Essentials of Understanding - Collaboration Agreement" document as well as to register members of your staff for the various Comer SDP training sessions. 

Comer SDP Affiliate Support - All other PGCPS schools and offices are invited to participate in any systemic professional development opportunities provided by the Department of School Development.  They may also request periodic and limited support for implementation of isolated SDP components in order to increase their capacity for improving climate, relationships and teamwork, engaging staff and parents in shared decision-making, and the application of child and adolescent growth and development.

New Comer SDP Schools and Districts - Newly interested schools and districts wishing to implement the Comer SDP must contact the National Comer SDP Office located in the Yale University Medical School's Child Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut.  Contacting Dr. Ann Levett, Executive Director, of the Yale University Child Study Center, National Comer School Development Program will provide access to contract information for new schools and districts.

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