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Last modified: 12/14/2016 3:05:29 PM
Counselor Related Administrative Procedures and Responsibilities

 School Counselors utilize a plethora of administrative procedures while providing adequate services to students and parents towards school success.  Please see the list provided below with the links of frequently accessed procedures.

    1.     AP 2950 -   Procedures for Crisis Response - Attachment 1 to AP 2950,
                               Attachment 2 to AP 2950
    2.     AP 4104 -   Roles and Responsibilities of the School Counselor
    3.     AP 5010 -   Homeless Children and Youth School Access and Services
    4.     AP 5111.2  Admission of Students from Non-Approved or Non-Accredited Schools
                               Grades 9 to 12
    5.     AP 5112 -   Registration and Withdrawal; and Transfer of Foreign
                               Exchange Students
    6.     AP 5113 -   Student Attendance, Absence, and Truancy
    7.     AP 5119 -   Educational Programs/Services for Pregnant Girls
    8.     AP 5051 -   Admission of Secondary Students to Croom and Tall Oaks Vocational
                               High Schools
    9.     AP 5124 -   Proactive Student Services Intervention - P-Team, School Instructional
                               Team (SIT); Supplemental Services Team (SST) and Response to
                               Intervention (RTL)
    10.     AP 5130 -   Personal Education Plan (The PEP), Attachments to AP 5130 (PEP)
    11.     AP 5145 -   Child Abuse and Neglect, Attachment 1 to AP 5145,
                                Role of Professional School Counselor - Child Abuse and Neglect
    12.     AP 6150 -   Student Enrollment in Courses and Educational Requirements and
                                 Options in Secondary Schools

To review all of Prince George's County Public Schools Administrative Procedures, go to Administrative Procedures.



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