• Professional School Counseling Services

     About Professional School Counseling Services

    Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Professional School Counseling Services follow the model recommended by the American School Counseling Association to deliver comprehensive school counseling services to address the academic, career, personal/social development for all students. Our counseling programs are structured to be an integral part of students’ daily educational environment.

    The Professional School Counseling Office collaborates with other offices, teachers, administrators and the overall community to benefit students and parents.  

    Core Services: 

    1.            Monitor Personal Education Plans
    2.            Provide Career and College Readiness Counseling 
    3.            Provide Scholarship Information and Support 
    4.            International Student Counseling
    5.            Section 504 Services

    Contact Information

    Professional School Counseling Office
    Oxon Hill Staff Development Center
    7711 Livingston Road, Suite E
    Oxon Hill, MD 20745
    301-567-8669 (office)
    Follow us on twitter: @counselorpgcps

    Leon Washington, Ph.D., Supervisor, leon2.washington@pgcps.org
      Kimberly Hyatt, Administrative Assistant, khyatt@pgcps.org

                    Andrea Carter-Lawson, Counseling Instructional Specialist, andrea.lawson@pgcps.org
                    Doreen Hogans, Counseling Instructional Specialist, 
        International Student Counseling Office

        Patricia Chiancone, International Student Specialist,

        International Student Counselors
        Hector Aguiñiga, hector.aguiniga@pgcps.org
        Ada Priest, ada.priest@pgcps.org
        Angel Diaz, angel.diaz@pgcps.org
        Julia Jones, Julia.jones@pgcps.org
        Joseph Pham, jpham@pgcps.org
        Karen Resumadero,  karen.resumadero@pgcps.org
        Margaret Evans-Headley, margaret2.evans@pgcps.org

        Jaquelyne Ortega, Registrar, jaquelyne.martinez@pgcps.org
        Nadia Guzman, Secretary, nadia.guzman@pgcps.org

        Section 504 Services

        Keisha Butler, Program Coordinator,  keisha.butler@pgcps.org
        Desann Manzano-Lee, Instructional Specialist,
        LaRhonda Owens, J.D., Compliance Analyst
        Jewell Rich, Compliance Specialist,
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