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Greetings Samuel P. Massie Academy Family,           

Wow, this is the last newsletter/website entry of the 2017-2018 school year. This has been a wonderful and eventful school year for all students in Pre-K through Eighth grade.

Experts recommend that you read to your child or have your child read for 30-60 minutes each day. Reading aloud is a gift every parent can give. Many parents read to their children at bedtime, but you can also surprise your child with books at unexpected times and places. Build a bridge to independent reading by asking your child to help you read. You might have him/her read the words along with you, or you can take turns reading every other page. Hearing other adults read aloud is also another way to expose your child to various reading styles and many new books. Older students can read silently and then ask them higher order questions about the book. Have them also read aloud to you so that they know reading is essential.

It is vital for students to practice math facts during the summer. Here are a few ways to make math fun. When you go to the store, have the children weigh items on the scale and then calculate the cost of the items. You can even take a calculator or pencil and paper in which the children can figure out food totals. Cooking is also a good way to keep students thinking, measuring, and working on fractions. Yahtzee is an appropriate game to work on addition and multiplication skills. There are countless fun math activities you can use to engage your child.

We are coming to the end of an extremely successful school year. The students must remember to reach for the stars and if they fall short, they will still be in the galaxy. Keep in mind that you must strive to be successful in school so that you will be a productive, self-sufficient member of society in the future.                                                   

Thank you to our parent volunteers for your continued support. You have helped us have numerous successful school events.

The 2017-2018 school year has been invigorating for me. I truly love the Samuel P. Massie Academy family. You are the best!  My wish is for everyone to have a safe, restful, and enjoyable summer.                


Yours in education,
Mrs. Michelle H. Pegram


Thought: Failure does not exist. Everything is a process of learning, and experiences we are entitled to live. If you can learn something positive, you have success!









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