Registration Requirements

Items Needed to Register A Child 


Only a Parent or Court Appointed Guardian can register a child for school

  •  Original Birth Certificate (must list child’s name, birth date and parent’s name)
  •  Updated Shot Records
  •  Proof of Residence

           Settlement Papers with signature

           Lease agreement/Rental agreement

           Mortgage Statement

           Deed of Property

  • Notarized Shared Housing Form must be completed if Parent’s name is not listed on proof of residence. Within 30 days, you must bring in two current pieces of mail with your name and address on it.
  • Current Report Card
  • Additional Information is needed for Pre-K Students

          Two current paystubs

          Child support Letter

          Unemployment stub/letter

          Notarized letter with amount received from person assisting parent.

          Notarized salary letter on Company Letterhead

          TCA/Cash Assistance


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