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  • The Rosaryville Elementary School vision is to build a community of excellence where 100% of students    

    exceed proficiency standards while gaining the knowledge, skills, and character traits that will lead to   

    college readiness, life-long learning and civic engagement. 

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  • The mission of Rosaryville Elementary School is to provide a rigorous, nurturing and safe environment that inspires 
    students to maximize their academic and social potential by:   

    • Actively promoting and maintaining the belief that all children have the capacity to learn at high levels.  
    • Actively promoting and maintaining the belief that effort and confidence are the building blocks to academic success.  
    • Actively teaching students and parents that intelligence is not an innate trait but is a result of effective effort.  
    • Actively welcoming and engaging parents and community members into Rosaryville Elementary School learning experiences.  
    • Modeling a commitment to life-long learning by actively engaging in collaborative planning and professional development.  
    • Using data to drive instructional practices and decision making.  
    • Using Common Core State Standards to provide rigorous learning experiences for all students.