• Uniform Violation Policy


    Uniform Violation Policy 

    The Rosaryville E.S. official mandatory uniform is to be worn by students each day. It is the responsibility of each teacher to issue to student(s) a violation form that is not in compliance with the uniform policy. 

    Listed are the specific steps to be taken and the penalty for consistent violations: 

    1. For the first violation of this policy, the student’s teacher fills out the violation referral form and contacts the parent/guardian and notifies the principal by sending the student and the referral form to the office. An alternative uniform will be supplied if available and recess will be taken the day of the violation. 
    2. For the second violation, the student’s teacher completes the referral form and sends the student to the office so that the principal will contact the parent/guardian by telephone and in writing. An alternative uniform will be supplied if available and the student’s recess will be taken the day of the violation. 
    3. For the third violation of this policy, the administration arranges a parent conference and reiterates the parameters of the policy and consequences of future violations.
    4. For the fourth violation, the student is removed from class and will be given a PS-74 for the uniform violation. Disciplinary action in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct will be issued.  This can include a parent having to shadow the student for a day or suspension from school. 
    5. On the fifth violation within the school year; the student will possibly be reassigned to another school that does not have a mandatory school uniform policy. 

    Parents/guardians can voluntarily have their child (ren) reassigned to another school by an Application for Exemption From Mandatory School Uniform Program.

    I have read, understand and reviewed with my child the Uniform Violation Policy.

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