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News and Updates:

 Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten registration starts Monday, April 13th. Registration hours 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM      (Please check the registration  tab for more information.)  '


Parents and guardians can submit transfer requests electronically through the SchoolMax Family Portal. Portal access is limited to parents and legal guardians. Electronic transfer requests are only accepted from students enrolled in PGCPS.

The Office of Student Records and Transfers will not accept transfer requests to schools that exceed state-rated capacity. Click hereto view a list of schools eligible to receive transfer students.

How do I apply for a transfer request?

The student transfer application is available online within the SchoolMax Family Portal. Parents and legal guardians must have a username and password to access the portal.

Families who do not have a SchoolMax Family Portal username and password can click here, to view instructions on how to create an account.

Can I apply for a transfer request to any school within PGCPS?

Only schools with available seats can be selected as a transfer option. This list will change as each school's enrollment reaches seating capacity or grade-level capacity. Although a school is listed, seats may not be available at every grade level. Transfers cannot be accepted for schools or programs with a separate admission process, such as a specialty program or public charter school.

All students are expected to attend the school assigned to the address where their parents or legal guardians reside. Students must not withdraw from, or stop attending their assigned school until they receive an official letter of transfer approval. There is no guarantee that a student will gain admission to a listed school.

How do I submit a transfer request based on the location of my child’s before and after school care provider?

Parents seeking a transfer based on before and after school care must submit a transfer request through theSchoolMax Family Portal, and enter “before and after school care” as the reason for transfer.If approved, the parent or legal guardian must submit proof of residency or a childcare license for the requested school’s attendance area and complete a residency verification form. These documents can be obtained from the approved school or the Office of Student Records and Transfers. Parents and legal guardians must provide a copy of the approval letter with documentation prior to enrollment. Before and After School Care Transfer Requests will only be considered for schools with available seats at the school and/or grade-level. If the request is based on childcare needs, please list the reason on the application.

Can I submit a transfer request if my child is not currently enrolled in PGCPS?

Please contact the Office of Student Records and Transfers by phone at 301-567-8751 if the student requesting a transfer is not currently enrolled in a Prince George’s County Public School. Decision letters will be mailed to the address on file in the SchoolMax Family Portal, prior to the last day of school.

If my transfer request is approved, will transportation be provided for my child?

Parents must accept full responsibility for transportation for all approved transfer requests. Students may not ride special buses designated for technical, vocational, career, special education, or other specialty programs.

Who can I contact if I need additional help applying for a student transfer?

Parents requiring additional information and assistance in applying for a student transfer can visit the Office of Student Records and Transfers at the Oxon Hill Staff Development Center. The center is located at 7711 Livingston Road, Suite L, in Oxon Hill. Assistance is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Please email questions and concernstostudent.transfers@pgcps.org. You may also consult the website or contact the Office of Student Records and Transfers at301-567-8751 for more information.

PGCPS 2015-2016 Calendar 

TAG Summer Camp Showcase 2015 information

Tag Parent Information Sessions-Please click the link to download the attachment.    

School Max Information: 

  • Starting with the 2013-2014 School Year, Prince George's County Public Schools is instituting a new way for parents to register for the Family Portal that gives more autonomy to the parent, allowing them to reset their own password through an email account. If you do not have an email account, you will need to create one. A free email account can get created at gmail.com or yahoo.com.  In addition to using this email to log in to Family Portal, PGCPS may use it to contact you about important announcements such as school closures. 
    All parents must register on the new system regardless of previous registration that may have been done for SchoolMax/Family Portal. You can register following the parent link at PGCPS.org.  

BASELP-Afterschool Care at Rockledge

The tuition will increase from $145.00 to $155.00 bi-weekly.   

$125.00 is due upon registration.   

Registration can be down loaded from pgcps website on or after May 20, 2014.   

We only accept money orders for the initial registration payment, after that payment can be made by money order or paypams online.   

Lunch Payment Information: 

  • MySchoolBucks is an online payment service that provides parents the ability to securely may for meals and monitor cafeteria purchases as well as receive email notification for low account balances. With MySchoolBucks payments can be made 24/7 using Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit cards or debit cards.  Remaining balances from the 2013-2014 school year will be available for use in the 2014-2015 school year under the new payment portal system.  To enroll visit www.MySchoolBucks.com and register for a free account. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account. If you have any questions or need more information please call Rockledge at 301-805-2720.        



2014-2015 PGCPS School Year Calendar  

2015-2016 School Year Calendar  

**Please visit the Rockledge PTA Website or email:  RockledgeElementaryPTA@yahoo.com 
  School begins at 8:15 a.m. 
 School day ends at 2:25p.m.  


Wendy Valeo- City of Bowie Teacher of the Year 2015

Jessica Papsan - City of Bowie Teacher of the Year 2014

 Pre-K/Kindergarten earned MSDE Validation/Accreditation 2013!

  Rena Shylanski - City Bowie Teacher of the Month - January 2013, PGCPS Outstanding Educator 2013  

  Rebecca Feng - City of Bowie Teacher of the Month - April 2013
  EGATE TAG Award - January 2013 
  Maryland Green School Award - June 2012



 Band and Orchestra Enrollment   

Band Enrollment - click here!    



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