Extracurricular Activities

At Robert R. Gray Elementary, we believe in extracurricular experiences to foster teamwork, organization, respect, leadership, socialization, and academic enrichment. Based on these premises, here are a few exciting activities we offer for students:  



The Robert R. Gray Elementary National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) Chapter was initiated in 2012. Our NEHS Chapter focuses on building leadership, character, scholarship, responsibility, humanity, and respect in our chapter members. To be inducted into the Robert R. Gray Elementary NEHS Chapter, candidates must: 

  • have attended their current school for at least one semester 
  • be presently enrolled in grades 3-6
  • meet or exceed the national minimum standard for scholarship (academic performance) which is a cumulative scholastic average of at least 85% or 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or the equivalent standard of excellence 
As a NEHS member, students are responsible for maintain the standards of excellence by which they were inducted, attend NEHS meetings, participate in chapter projects, exemplify leadership and scholarship throughout their elementary experience.  

STREAM ELO STREAM ELO Robotics Program Video!- Contact Ms. Gordola for details
The STREAM ELO is an after-school program for grades 4-6, that focuses on providing opportunities for students to apply math concepts in “real world” situations. Some of the STREAM concepts covered in the lessons include: robotics, estimation, systems, logic, symbols, variables, troubleshooting, programming steps, feedback, teamwork, open and closed loops, automation and manufacturing, communication, rates of change, reasoning, graphs, speed, velocity, conversion of energy from one form to another, sound waves, incandescent light, LED light, and Infrared light.  This curriculum demonstrates to students how math can be applied to real world situations such as robotics and programming.

Fitness Clubs/Activities- Contact Ms. Murphy for details
BOKS Club- Grades 4-6
We are pleased to announce the launch of BOKS, a before school physical activity program, at the Robert R. Gray Elementary School this fall. BOKS will be for students in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades only. BOKS prepares children for a day of learning and is an important step in helping children gain an appreciation of the benefits of exercise and healthy choices that will last a lifetime. BOKS was inspired by Dr. John Ratey’s book “Spark”. Dr. Ratey, of Harvard Medical School, states that “exercise is the single most powerful tool that we have to optimize the function of our brains.” Classes are filled with team-oriented games and provide plenty of opportunity for play, since the program focuses on fun! 

Walk, Jog, Run Club- Grades 2-3 
We are pleased to announce the start of the Fall session of the Walk, Jog, or Run club at Robert R. Gray Elementary School. This club will focus on walking, but also offer running training. Physical activity is a large component of students’ academic success. Through this after school club, we hope to boost students’ success in other academic achievements. Students will come together immediately following dismissal to be active and improve their health. Students can expect to learn about heart rate, cadence, effort, and much more through Walk, Jog, or Run Club!

Chorus- Contact Mr. Mitchell for details

Kids Sil 

Peer Mediation- Contact Ms. Privette for details        

Safety Patrol- Contact Mr. Isler for details  

Morning Announcers - Contact Mr. Mitchell for details



The purpose of the Robert R. Gray Elementary School Marching Eagles Band is to teach students the fundamentals of a flag carrier, majorette, pom, drummer, and drum major skills so that they can participate in parades and other events in the Washington Metropolitan area. The Marching Band was initiated in September 2002. The band members consist of students in grades 3-6. Each student must maintain a 'C' or higher in each grading area and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. The students are challenged both mentally and physically in an attempt to take in all of the information provided to them by the director and coordinators and to prepare a spirited, well rounded and entertaining performance. 
Realizing the daily adversities faced by our youth today, extreme emphasis is placed on the non-physical/mental aspects of a marching band as an activity in order to develop leadership skills, self-confidence, and a positive attitude.  The students benefit from a sport psychology perspective regarding the need for realistic group expectations, handling both disappointment and success and being part of a team with common goals.  Success helps to manifest self-esteem and fosters a “you can do it” attitude in our students which ultimately carries over to other aspects of life.  Prince George’s County Public Schools does not include marching band as an extracurricular program until high school.  The Robert R. Gray Elementary School Marching Eagles Band is a unique self-sufficient program.   

Each performance/event is educational as well as recreational.  The Marching Band has participated in many local events including homecoming parades, community parades, conventions and charity events.  The most memorable is the 2006 National Cherry Blossom Parade. The Robert R. Gay Elementary School Marching band was the first and only elementary school Marching Band to be selected to perform in the parade. The Marching Band was invited participate again in the 2008 National Cherry Blossom Parade.    

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