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    Respect is the character education word for October



    This month the students at Robert Frost will be learning about showing kindness.  A kind person is helpful to themselves or others and makes an effort to do nice things. Being kind also includes choosing for only nice words to leave your mouth. 


     It is very important to be kind to yourself.  You can do this by focusing on your strengths.  Every morning when you wake up take a moment to think about three things that you do very well.  This will help you to feel better about yourself.  You can also show kindness to yourself by taking care of your appearance (keeping yourself clean and groomed) and by working to stay organized. 


    Showing kindness to others is equally important.  Use the golden rule and make sure to always treat others the way that you want to be treated.  Remember that each person is unique and different.  Each person is equally special and has worth. One way you can be kind is to notice others that are having a bad day and offer them a smile or a hug.  Listen if they want to talk and give them some of your time and attention.  If you do this often, one day when you are having a tough time they will be there for you.


    * Over the next month please work with your children to help them to understand how to display kindness to themselves and others.  Read stories with them that have a message about kindness and discuss this with your children.  In addition, try to display acts of kindness. 

     * If we work together to help your child achieve their goals then all of their dreams will seem within reach!!!!