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Research and Evaluation
Targeted Instructional Support Initiative in Elementary Schools - Follow-up Impact Evaluation 

Berhane B. Araia, Ph.D.


This report presents findings from the year 2 impact evaluation of the Targeted Instructional Support Initiative in Elementary Schools (TISI-ES). TISI-ES is a program that aims to improve the reading skills of second grade students by improving the teaching skills of second grade teachers.  To evaluate the initiative’s effect in its second year of implementation, we explored differences in second grade reading proficiency rates at the school and classroom levels. Overall, the data indicate that participating schools achieved gains in second-grade reading from SY2014 to SY2015 that was 5.5 percentage points higher than a select group of comparison schools.  The year-over-year growth rate was higher, 1.3 percentage points higher, in SY2015 than it was during the first year of TISI-ES implementation in SY2014. Further analysis demonstrated that the positive impact of the intervention on the growth in school-level reading proficiency was consistently present for all participating schools irrespective of teacher retention rate. While classrooms of participating teachers still had lower rates of reading proficiency at the end of SY2015; the classroom achievement deficit has been significantly reduced from SY2014. The evaluation also tested residual effect of the program beyond the first year of implementation and found that students of TISI-ES participating teachers enjoyed additional gains in the third grade. It can be concluded that in its second year of implementation TISI-ES continues to significantly increase reading achievements of participating schools. 

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