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Research and Evaluation
Implementation Evaluation of the Pilot Saturday School Program in PGCPS

Akilah D. Swinton, Ph.D.


The goal of this study was to evaluate the implementation of the PGCPS Saturday School pilot program in school year 2015-2016. To address the evaluation questions, implementation documents, attendance and enrollment data, observations of classes, interviews and focus groups with Saturday School staff, and data from the Lead Tutor, parent, and student surveys were used. It is clear from the implementation data that PGCPS invested a significant amount of resources into the implementation of the Saturday School pilot program this school year. Planning for Saturday School also appears to truly have been a collaborative effort, ensuring all the necessary people were well-informed about Saturday School and the support needed from them in enough time to be ready for implementation. The demographic profile of the participating students was consistent with the families served by the targeted High Point High school area. Thus, the target students were reached by the program. Saturday School student attendance was relatively high especially considering the program occurred on a Saturday when other obligations may often come up for families. It is clear that the stakeholders were very satisfied with their experience with Saturday School this year and would be interested in participating again next year. Finally, it is evident that the proposed instructional model for PGCPS Saturday School was closely followed by the program implementers, with minor modifications. It can be concluded that there was high fidelity to the Saturday School program model. Based on the findings presented in this report, several recommendations were made to improve the implementation of the program.


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